Jan 22, 2010

Haiti ten days after...

A woman walks past earthquake damage in Port-au-Prince

Haitians climb aboard a ship docked off the coast in an attempt to escape the devastation in Port-au-Prince.

Bodies are dumped into mass graves Friday in Titanyen, Haiti. What else can they do?

Low-tech radios helpful in Haiti after quake

When cell phone coverage and Internet failed, some Haitians turned to amateur radio to communicate.

In the brutal aftermath of Haiti's earthquake, Jean-Robert Gaillard turned to his low-tech radio for solace and for a lifeline.

When the earthquake hit, the 57-year-old from Petionville, Haiti, found most of his normal lines of communication -- his cell phone, the Internet, even his ability to walk down the street and talk to someone -- severed by the disaster.

But Gaillard used a neighbor's generator to power up his radio and connect to a handful of amateur radio enthusiasts in the United States -- many of whom were eagerly listening to radio static for calls like his.

Unlike many other people in Haiti, Gaillard was able to contact family members in the United States soon after the January 12 earthquake hit to tell them he had survived.

In those first hellish moments, that connection seemed like a miracle.


Obama team apologizes for Christmas bomber lapse

Key Obama Administration national security officials were on Capitol Hill Wednesday:

Dennis Blair (left) Director of National Intelligence.

Janet Napolitano (center) Homeland Security Secretary.

Michael Leiter (right) director of National Counterterrorism Center.

They apologized to lawmakers for failing to stop an alleged bomber with al-Qaida ties from getting on a Detroit bound flight even though U.S. intelligence had information on various aspects of the plot.

After the apologies, the only one to really take responsibility was Dennis Blair. Janet Napolitano seemed bored with the proceedings.


Report: Democrats done swallowing their anger with Obama

There is a report at the link below titled: White House caught in Democrats' crossfire.

Congressional Democrats — stunned out of silence by Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts — say they’re done swallowing their anger with President Barack Obama and ready to go public with their gripes.

The sentiment isn’t quite heads-must-roll, but it’s getting close.

Hill Democrats are demanding that Obama’s brain trust -- especially senior adviser David Axelrod and chief of staff Rahm Emanuel -- shelve their grand legislative ambitions to focus on the economic issues that will determine the fates of shaky Democratic majorities in both houses.

This seems to reinforce the common conception that Mr. Obama really isn’t calling the shots. It is Axelrod (shown on left) and Emanuel (on right) who actually run the run the White House.

The question is -- will Congressional Democrats be able to steer the White House away from the aggressive Axelrod/Emanuel agenda that is beginning to implode the Democratic Party in Washington?


ObamaCare after the Scott Brown victory

Liberal Air America’s hot air turns to dead air

Air America radio goes belly up. The liberal political radio network ceased airing new programs Thursday afternoon and said it will soon file to be liquidated under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Air America Radio, a radio network that was launched in 2004 as a liberal alternative to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators, on Thursday shut down abruptly due to financial woes.

The network once boasted hosts such as Al Franken and Rachel Maddow, but struggled from the outset, including multiple management shake-ups, a bankruptcy in 2006 and sale for $4.25 million the following year.

Liberal political radio just doesn’t sell well.

Conservative radio programs are making Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others rich. Liberal radio programs by contrast just can’t get enough audience to support advertisers.

Now that Air America has gone bust, about the only place left for liberal talk-show hosts is National Public Radio. NPR is largely funded by tax dollars or they would have gone bust long ago.


Jan 21, 2010

Your body’s big enemy? You’re sitting on it

A report at the link below says spending days on your behind is hazardous even if you regularly exercise.

Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods — even if you also exercise regularly — could be bad for your health. And it doesn't matter where the sitting takes place — at the office, at school, in the car or before a computer or TV — just the overall number of hours it occurs.

Research is preliminary, but several studies suggest people who spend most of their days sitting are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack or even die.

More of the story here.

Cable News race for Election night

Cable News viewership race for
Tuesday January 19, 2010

As usual, Fox tops all cable news channels.

Fox News - Hannity - 6,809,000
Fox News - Greta Van Susteren - 6,399,000
Fox News - Bill O’Reilly - 5,228,000
Fox News - Glenn Beck - 3,446,000
Fox News - Bret Baier - 3,338,000
Fox News - Shephard Smith - 3,241,000
CNN - Larry King - 1,681,000
CNN - Anderson Cooper - 1,508,000
CNN - Campbell Brown - 1,308,000
MSNBC - Keith Olbernann - 1,274,000
MSNBC - Rachel Maddow - 1,236,000
CNN - Wolf Blitzer - 1,135,000
CNN Headline News - Nancy Grace - 1,036,000
CNNHN - Joy Behar 845,000
MSNBC - Chris Matthews - 798,000

...from Matt Drudge

The future of the Senate version ObamaCare


Self sufficient SDA Church in Haiti

(click on picture to see video)

...thanks to Mel Wade for the link

School staffers get insulin instead of flu shot

School officials in Wellesley, Massachusetts said several staff members at an elementary school had to be taken to the hospital after being injected with insulin rather than the swine flu vaccine.

School Superintendent Bella Wong said no students were ever in danger and all the people who got the wrong shot have recovered.

The insulin belonged to students with diabetes and was provided by their parents.

The school nurse who administered the insulin to staff has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.


Report: Barney Frank gives potential death-blow to ObamaCare

It is interesting that Congressman Barney Frank (pictured), along with many of his liberal colleagues, didn't seem to care at all about what the people wanted until Tuesday night.

Actually, he still doesn’t but the stunning Martha Coakley loss in Massachusetts brought him back to the reality of the voter rejection of ObamaCare.

Remember, Bwany Fwank is the brusque Congressman that insulted a constituent at a healthcare townhall last summer telling her he would rather discuss the issue with his dining room table. Well, now it appears the table leg hit him over the head.

The overwhelming majority of American’s do not want the monstrous bill that ObamaCare has turned into.

After yesterday’s “shot heard round the country,” maybe politicians, both Democrat and Republican, will finally remember they need to vote the will of their constituents rather than accept bribes for their votes.

One doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing after the election in Massachusetts Tuesday.


Obama’s dreaded 3:00am wake-up call

Jan 20, 2010

Scrambling on health care after GOP win

A CNN report at the link below says Republican Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts has pushed health care reform to the brink of defeat.

Nervous Democrats debated Wednesday how to save a health care reform plan suddenly pushed to the brink of defeat by an upset GOP Senate win in Massachusetts.

Senator-elect Scott Brown's victory in one of the most progressive states in the nation raised already-high anxiety levels among Democrats looking ahead to midterm elections.

It also stripped Democrats of their 60-seat Senate supermajority, giving Republicans enough votes to block any measure in the chamber.

The irony of the Brown win is not lost on politicians in Washington.

Scott Brown won the Senate seat occupied by Ted Kennedy who was the main promoter of universal healthcare. Brown’s main campaign thrust was against ObamaCare, a pet Kennedy project!


Mystery Poe grave visitor was a no-show

Shown below is the original grave of Edgar Allan Poe in a church graveyard in Baltimore showing the half-bottle of cognac and three roses left every year on his birthday for over 60 years.

From a report at the link below:

A mysterious visitor who has left roses and cognac at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe (pictured) each year on the writer's birthday failed to show early Tuesday, breaking with a ritual that began more than 60 years ago.

The tradition dates back to at least 1949, according to newspaper accounts from the era.

Since then, an unidentified person has come every Jan. 19 to leave three roses and a half-bottle of cognac at Poe's grave in a church cemetery in downtown Baltimore.

Poe was the American literary master of the macabre, noted for poems and short stories including "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Fall of the House of Usher" and "The Pit and the Pendulum." He is also credited with writing the first modern detective story, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," which appeared in 1841.

He died Oct. 7, 1849, in Baltimore at the age of 40 after collapsing in a tavern.

As for the fate of his annual visitor? That's a new mystery.


Fiddler Charlie Daniels has mild stroke while on Colorado vacation

Country fiddler-guitarist Charlie Daniels is recovering after suffering a stroke while snowmobiling while on vacation in Colorado according to a statement on his websitel.

The statement says the 73-year-old Daniels suffered the stroke Friday and was treated at a hospital in Durango, 230 miles southwest of Denver. He then was airlifted to a Denver hospital, and released on Sunday.


Growing pot in abandoned California McMansions

Is Mary Jane growing up in a house on your block? Some homeowners may be completely unaware that Mary Jane (slang for Marijuana) may be living in the house next door.

There are aggressive dope dealers in California going into newer large abandoned or repossessed homes, ripping out interior walls, illegally tapping into power and water, and growing pot commercially.

What starts in California goes viral a couple years later. So, don't be surprised if DEA operatives begin cruising upscale developments near you.

Possible counter-intel tactics by the bad guys: hire broke soccer moms to stop by and smile at the neighbors; keep up the landscaping services; and, install solar panels - paid for with government incentives.

They came into our cookie-cutter residential neighborhoods and created cookie-cutter marijuana factories.


30 foot snowman in Nebraska

The Young family near Kenesaw, Nebraska spent 3 days constructing Luigi, a snowman 30 feet tall.

They have a history of making large snowmen.

Two years ago they made a snowman 26 feet tall.

For the first 15 feet they used a snow blower and boards, then they broke out the ladder and the kids threw up packed bundles of snow to their dad.

They used a traffic safety cone for the nose, large tree branches for arms, plates for the eyes and bricks for the mouth.


What happened in Massachusetts?

Martha Coakley is wondering what happened to her 30 point lead in the polls a few weeks ago.

Is this his pickup with over 200,000 miles?

This was a race between an elitist and a popular populist - a populist driving an old high-mileage pickup that the President of the United States made fun of last Sunday.

Webb: screeching halt to ObamaCare until Brown seated

From a report at the link below:

Less than 15 minutes after the [Massachusetts] race was called for Republican Scott Brown, the first of what could be many conservative Democrats asks for leadership to put the brakes on health care reform.

Jim Webb (pictured), a moderate Democrat Senator from Virginia, congratulated Brown on his win and then delivered a zinger:

"In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process.

It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated."


Jan 19, 2010

Brown wins in Massachusetts

Barack Obama tried to bolster Coakley’s ratings last Sunday with a rousing teleprompter speech. It didn’t work. Coakley lost to a Republican in a state that has not sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate in over three decades and a state that voted for Obama one year before.

Last November, Obama went to New Jersey to help get Democrat Jon Corzine re-elected as Governor of New Jersey. It didn’t work. Corzine lost to a Republican in a state that voted for Obama one year before.

Next, Obama went to Virginia to help get Democrat Creigh Deeds elected. It didn’t work. Deeds lost to a Republican in a state that voted for Obama one year before.

This surely must be a referendum on Barack Obama and his policies as well as the contrast of an elitist losing to a populist.

Now we will see the accusations fly. Many Democrats are blaming a lackluster campaign by Martha Coakley.

Some Democrats, including White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, are blaming the Coakley loss on George W. Bush which is unbelievable!

Why Scott Brown won in Massachusetts...

Massachusetts voters are worrying about...

(click on cartoon to enlarge)

Microlight pilot dies hours into a cross world flight

A microlight pilot attempting to fly to fly From the UK to Australia has been found dead off the coast of France on the first day of his trip.

Martin Bromage, 49, was attempting to complete the 11,000-mile trip in six weeks to raise £150,000 (about $245,000) for Help For Heroes, a charity for wounded soldiers.

After leaving Gloucestershire Airport at 10am on Monday, he lost contact with the team monitoring his progress while flying over the English Channel at about 1pm.

His last transmission told of adverse weather conditions that had prevented Mr Bromage from landing in France and he said he was trying to return to the UK when he got into difficulty.

His body was found by a small French patrol boat, two miles from Boulogne-Sur-Mer, at 10pm on Monday night.

More of the story here.

Man and Bear on billboard spurs 911 calls

A billboard on Interstate 95 in Bridgeport, Connecticut has a life-sized mannequin and teddy bear sitting on top.

The attraction is prompting emergency calls from alarmed motorists. The drivers are concerned the figures are real and about to fall off the sign.

The billboard is an advertisement for BMW of Bridgeport's overnight test drive offer. The mannequin, who is wearing pajamas, was lifted to the top of the billboard with the teddy bear about two months ago.

The dealership says there has been very little negative feedback about the billboard, and the sign has gotten them a lot of overnight Beamer test drive as a result of the sign.


Giant cattle to be bred back from extinction?

A report from the UK claims Italian scientists are hoping to use genetic expertise and selective breeding of modern-day wild cattle to recreate the auroch, a fearsome beast that weighed around 2,200lb and stood 6.5 feet at the shoulder.

Aurochs were immortalized in prehistoric cave paintings and admired for their brute strength and "elephantine" size by Julius Caesar.

The huge cattle with sweeping horns which once roamed the forests of Europe have not been seen for nearly 400 years.

Despite their having gone the way of the dodo and the woolly mammoth, there are plans to bring the giant animals back to life.

A cave drawing of the auroch is shown above.
The last animal disappeared from the British Isles in the Iron Age and the breed was declared extinct in 1627 after a female died in the forests of Poland.

I wouldn’t want to herd one and I for sure wouldn’t want to milk one! Also, I can’t imagine aurochburgers on the McDonald’s menu board any time soon.

What will they try to do next, clone Paul Bunyan?


Pelosi: ObamaCare will pass one way or another

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (pictured) claims Democrats will forge ahead with ObamaCare regardless of what happens in the Massachusetts Senate race.

“Let's remove all doubt, we will have health care -- one way or another,” Pelosi told reporters in San Francisco.

But how? The Speaker was less clear on that question.

“Certainly the dynamic would change depending on what happens in Massachusetts,” Pelosi said. “[It’s] just a question about how we would proceed. But it doesn't mean we won't have a health care bill.”

Privately, Democratic Congressional leaders are less certain.

More here.

Jan 18, 2010

About those TSA scans...

(click on cartoon to enlarge)

Brown poll numbers increasing in MA

Poll numbers keep rising for Republican Scott Brown in the race for the Senate seat occupied by Ted Kennedy.

Barack Obama went to Massachusetts on Sunday to help Democrat Martha Coakley but did it help?

Last November, Obama went to New Jersey to help get Democrat Jon Corzine re-elected as Governor of New Jersey. It didn’t work.

Corzine lost to a Republican in a state that voted for Obama one year before.

Next, Obama went to Virginia to help get Democrat Creigh Deeds elected.

Deeds lost to a Republican in a state that voted for Obama one year before.

If Martha Coakley loses tomorrow, it will tell other Democrat politicians that campaign help from Barack Obama will be the ‘kiss of death’ rather than help.

Current poll story here and here.

The November New Jersey and Virginia election story here.

More on the race for the Kennedy seat in MA

The race for the Ted Kennedy Senate seat in Massachusetts in a special election tomorrow has grabbed the attention of much of the nation.

Barack Obama campaigned for Democrat Martha Coakley. Ted Kennedy’s son Patrick Kennedy (pictured) also campaigned for Coakley yesterday.

Patrick Kennedy, not known for his intellect, didn’t even know her name! In interviews with reporters he repeatedly referred to Martha Coakley as Marcia Coakley while blaming her poor showing on George W. Bush. When anything goes wrong, blame Bush!


Cocaine found in a Space Shuttle hangar

The Sun tabloid in the UK headlined this story, “NASA astro-snorts.”

From a report at the link below:

Cocaine was found on the floor near a bathroom in a restricted area of the Kennedy Space Center according to NASA officials.

"It's unacceptable," NASA spokesman Allard Beutel said.

The cocaine was found in a plastic bag on the floor near a restroom inside the Orbiter Processing Facility, where space shuttle Discovery is being prepared for launch in March.

The presence of illegal narcotics is considered a safety hazard because astronauts' lives depend on the precision work done in the hangar.

About 200 employees were working in the hangar at the time the cocaine was found.


Time to stop big spending

(click on cartoon to enlarge)

Weight Watchers clinic floor collapses under dieters weight

The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Sweden collapsed beneath a group of 20 members of the weight loss program who were gathered for a meeting.

As the dieters were lined up to see how many pounds they had shed, the floor beneath them in the clinic in Växjö, in south-central Sweden, began to rumble, according to a report in The Local, Sweden's English-language newspaper.


Obama advisors: Coakley will lose the Kennedy seat

About Tuesday’s special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years: Obama advisors believe Republican state Senator Scott Brown (upper photo) will win.

A CNN report at the link below says advisers are still hopeful that Obama's visit to Massachusetts on Sunday - coupled with a late push by Democratic activists - could help Coakley (lower photo) pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race.

However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in the last three days about Coakley's chances after a series of missteps by the candidate.

But White House spokesman Bill Burton told CNN: "The President is in Massachusetts today because he believes Martha Coakley is the right person for the job and indeed will be the next senator from Massachusetts."


Blaming Bush for Coakley’s floundering campaign

After an Obama rally on behalf of Attorney General Martha Coakley, the consensus was that the fault for Coakley's now-floundering Massachusetts Senatorial bid lies with one person -- George W. Bush.

Will they ever stop blaming Bush?

Liberal Washington politicians are free to say nearly anything because they know most national media outlets will not hold them accountable.


Jan 17, 2010

Did overconfidence or the Jets beat the Chargers?

The Jets win was a ‘kick’ leaving the Chargers kicker kicking himself.

Charger kicker Nate Kaeding missed three field goals. He missed one left, one right and the other was short. Did he miss that many field goals in the entire season?

The worst kick, however, was when Vincent Jackson of the Chargers kicked a challenge flag thrown by Jets head coach Rex Ryan. The Jackson kick drew a penalty.

The photo shows Jets running back Shonn Greene during a 53-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter, as the Jets ended up with a surprise victory.

Bell tower from drowned town protrudes from lake

The photo above shows people walking on the frozen Lake Reschen reservoir toward the former church tower of Graun in northern Italy. The photo below shows the same tower in the summer.

The ancient towns of Graun and Reschen, located high in the Alps near the Italian-Swiss border, had been occupied since Roman times.

In 1939, the local power company begin planning a dam that would give the area much needed seasonal electricity.

The dam, however, would create an artificial lake that would unify two natural lakes and completely submerge the towns Graun and Reschen and the valley between them.

Despite fierce resistance on from the villagers, the plan eventually passed and the ancient towns were submerged in 1950.

In the winter with the lake frozen over, people can walk out to the bell tower of the church in the town drowned for the last 60 years.

Adventist Hospital in Port-au-Prince Haiti

A report at the first link below is titled: Injured overwhelm Haiti hospital.

The earthquake rattled the foundation of the Adventist Hospital in the city's Diquini neighborhood, forcing patients and staff into the courtyard and lawn where they remained throughout the weekend.

A skeleton crew of doctors, accustomed to a 70-bed hospital with modern operating suites, rushed among 400 patients who made their beds on concrete walkways, gravel roads and bare patches of lawn outside the hospital.

These healthcare workers are heroically working in the face of impossible conditions and need our help.

Click the second link below if you would like to donate to the Adventist Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti via the Loma Linda Secure web site.

Thanks to Mel Wade for the USA Today link.

Link here and here.

Worst western hemisphere natural disaster?

Photo above shows a looter amid the rubble of destroyed buildings in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Photos below show damage in Port-au-Prince.

WH blames ineffective government on old computers

Peter Orszag, who manages the federal bureaucracy for Barack Obama said a big reason why the government is inefficient and ineffective is because Washington has outdated technology.

The Obama administration has been in power for one year. Did it take twelve months to figure this out or did it take twelve months for the government to become inefficient and ineffective?

First they recognized inefficient and ineffective government. Next they needed something to blame.


Bloomberg spent $108 Million to win 3rd term

The price of victory.

Friday's filing is not likely to be the last from the Bloomberg campaign because he must file final expenses with the state Board of Elections in July.

But the report is final enough to give an approximate idea of what Bloomberg spent for each of the 585,466 votes he got. The bulk of his spending went to advertising, more than $56 million for ads in print, radio, television and mailings, plus millions more to the consultants and strategists who dreamed up how to use it.