Jun 25, 2007

A serenade by Teddy before giving them all amnesty

Ted Kennedy (pictured) and other Senator’s want to give them all amnesty.

But first, he has decided to sing to them before telling them he “won’t let them down.”

The Kennedy serenade is here, if you have the stomach for it.

Kennedy leads a coalition to make all of the “undocumented workers” citizens of the United States.

I was undocumented for short time when I lost my wallet. These people are more than just undocumented. They are illegal.

What about the law-abiding aliens who are here with valid green cards working toward citizenship. It takes them about seven years to become citizens.

Teddy, and the others, are determined to have the illegal aliens become citizens with the swish of a pen.

Before you make up your mind on immigration, think about this:

The president himself says in his first five years, six million people tried to break into this country.

One in 12, which is 500,000, had criminal records.

Five hundred thousand criminals trying to break into this country! The entire Army of the United State only nuimbers five hundred thousand.

This is not immigration.This is an invasion.