Dec 30, 2006

Colorado blizzard #2

Snow has stopped. Now it’s time to enjoy a sunny winter day.

Dec 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging

Saddam Hussein (pictured) was executed by hanging at an unspecified location in Baghdad.

Two co-defendants, Saddam Hussein's half-brother Barzan al-Tikriti and former Iraqi chief judge Awad Hamed al-Bandar, were also executed.

"Criminal Saddam was hanged to death," state-run Iraqiya television announced, as patriotic music and images of national monuments were broadcast.

A scrolling headline read: "Saddam's execution marks the end of a dark period of Iraq's history."

The hanging of the shotgun-waving dictator was reportedly video taped but the film will probably never be released to the public.

Link here and here.

Something to crow about

A perfect match

The political global warming issue won’t go away

The following was posted on Lucianne in response to the article found at the link below:

The year is 1492 - The debate is over. All credible scientists now agree that the Earth is flat. Those with their ridiculous heretical views that the Earth is a sphere must be ridiculed, silenced, and punished.

Because the Earth is flat, we must impose new laws that prohibit the reckless and fool hardy, like this nut-case Chrisopher Columbus, from killing themselves and their crews by sailing off the edge of the Earth.

Now, instead of claiming the world is flat, liberal political hacks, and their liberal friends in the scientific community, are sticking to the global warming scare.


The new Hillary bumper sticker for 2008

This is the new Hillary bumper sticker for 2008 and it’s even non-partisan!
(click on picture to enlarge)

Dec 28, 2006

Do you want to drive someone crazy?

Drive ‘em crazy with a Mind Molester. It will set you back 20 bucks and drive ‘em nuts with a loud chirping sound.

If the sound doesn’t drive them batty, wondering when or where the next chirping barrage will come from will. Link to the Mind Molester here.

I can think of a better way to drive someone bonkers. Have them listen to Billy Ray Cyrus sing Achy Breaky Heart over and over again.

Florida senator: give convicted felons voting rights

Democratic Florida state senator Gary Siplin, a convicted felon himself, wants to give full voting rights for all convicted felons.

Florida Democrats seem to have a habit of electing criminals to public office. They sent Alcee Hastings to Washington to serve in the House of Representatives.

Now they want full voting rights for all convicted felons.

This is posted as a reminder that Democrats are soft on crime - especially when they are personally involved.

Link here and here.

Dec 27, 2006

Omama going after Obama?

The story of a former Barack Obama intern linked to an indicted fundraiser is reported here.

I’m not trying to cover for Barack Hussein Obama but this has all the earmarks of a strike by the “Arkansas political Mafia.”

Will Obama end up like Vince Foster? No, of course not. However, look for the Clinton’s to play hardball with Obama, the new darling of the media.

They are not about to allow Obama spoil their chances at becoming Mrs. President and Mr. First Lady.

The Breck boy aka John Edwards to run for president

On Thursday John Edwards (pictured) is planning to official announce his presidential candidacy.

He enters a Democratic field including Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Republicans include Senator John McCain and Governor Mit Romney.

Democratic Senator Joseph Biden may also enter the race.

And don’t discount John Kerry. If he can muster any support at all, he will spend more of the Heinz fortune on another White House run.


Dec 26, 2006

Iraq court says execute Saddam within 30 days

The fate of former Iraq president Saddam Hussein is sealed.

Iraq's highest appeals court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence for Saddam Hussein in his first trial and said it must be carried out within 30 days.

The sentence "must be implemented within 30 days," chief judge Aref Shahin.

"From tomorrow, any day could be the day of implementation."


Stop complaining about our roads and highways

The photos at the link below should make us appreciate the roads and highways we have here in this country.

It’s hard to believe people are compelled to travel roads like the ones in Russia.


Dec 25, 2006

Sorry Santa

Sorry Santa