May 10, 2007

Gore banned the media but gets coverage anyway

Mr. Al Gore (pictured) made yet another closed door speech Saturday. This time it was at the American Institute of Architects convention.

He has banned the media many times before. Why is he afraid of the media covering his global warming alarmism?

Here is something Al Gore ignores and doesn’t want you to hear: Sunspots are causing the current global warming. Link here.

The current sunspot cycle peaks in 2011 and then all the politicians will be calling our attention to global cooling.

Mr. Gore is building his bankroll and liberal political popularity on his man-made global warming alarmism and the resultant carbon credit scam.


May 9, 2007

Obama calls for Detroit to improve fuel economy

In Detroit, Barack Obama (pictured) said automakers should improve fuel economy.

Wow! What a simply ingenious idea (sarcasm intended). But what can we expect from a candidate-in-training hoping to become a president-in-training?

Maybe he is speaking into an echo chamber. How many times have we heard other candidates say the same thing down through the years?

Can computer controlled injectors be improved on? Probably not. Detroit is producing hybrids and working on more hybrids. Detroit is also building bio-fuel vehicles.

If Obama called on Detroit to build smaller cars he would lose his large base of SUV owners. It's safer to point the finger at Detroit by echoing hundreds of politicians before him by calling on Detroit to improve fuel economy.


May 7, 2007

Harry Reid passes on white-tie Affair with British Queen

The Democratic Senate leader decided to snub the Queen of England.

Harry Reid (pictured) has been complaining that we don't have enough international allies and then he snubs the best we have.

Maybe he was afraid he would not recognize the Queen. All he needs to remember is that she would be the one with the biggest hat.

This is the same petty little man who also refused to attend Ronald Reagan’s funeral.

I repeat -- he is the Democratic Senate leader. What an embarrassment for the Democrats and for Washington and for the entire country for that matter.


Sarkozy as new French President widely welcomed in Western press

The Nicolas Sarkozy (pictured) win over Socialist Ségolène Royal was broadly welcomed in the Western press on Monday, though some media in Africa and the Middle East expressed hostility to the new leader.

African countries may fear they can no longer use France as a dumping ground for their unwanted Muslim’s.

The wide-open borders of France offered countries in Africa and the Middle East a convenient place to send their riffraff.

A large number of the rioters in Paris, and other french cities, are Muslim transpants from Africa.


May 6, 2007

A poll I would like to see …

I would like a simple poll by one of the leading polling firms..simple question:

Level playing field, 1,000 democrats, 1,000 Republicans..
ONE question:

Do you want America to win the war in Iraq?

1. YES
2. NO

You already know the answer? So do I.