Dec 22, 2006

One more blizzard photo

Our old Buick right after the blizzard stopped

Today is the first full day of winter

New York Times blatant liberal bias

This story is for those who are not sure media bias exists.

In a last-minute dirty trick before the election, The New York Times took a story and twisted it in such a way as to damage the Bush Administration.

This will go down as a case study of media bias intended to sway votes.

The New York Times not only has a strong liberal bias but it also will stop at nothing to smear the Bush administration no matter how much harm is done to our national security.

We can expect false reports in the New York Times before every election.


Dec 21, 2006

Missed my first aerobics exercise class

It seemed like my body was getting totally out of shape so I joined a fitness club.

I signed up for a beginners aerobics exercise class for seniors.

Soon I was bending, twisting, gyrating and jumping up and down. I was totally exhausted and dripping with perspiration but by the time I had my leotards on, the class was over.

Marion Barry arrested: claims another set-up

Marion Barry (pictured) is in yet another scrape with the law.

Barry said that he is talking to his lawyers and thinking about suing the D.C. government and the U.S. Park Police.

Mr. Barry is a Washington D.C. Councilman and former D.C. Mayor.

The controversial former mayor claims he was targeted. He is accusing the U.S. Park Service of racial profiling.

The story is here along with links to more than a dozen other stories of recent scrapes with the law. And that’s just this year! The charges range from DUI and drug offenses to not filing state and federal income taxes.

One thing is always consistent. It’s never his fault!

Dec 20, 2006

Colorado blizzard getting worse

The blizzard has paralyzed much of Colorado and is spreading east to the plains states.

Link here and here for details.

Blizzard hits Denver and Colorado plaines

The blizzard forecast for Denver and the eastern plains of Colorado has arrived.

Don’t ya hate it when the bad weather forecasts come true?!

I just returned from a short trip to Fort Collins, and return back to Loveland, to pick up a cable modem from Comcast to replace the 28-month-old modem that bit the dust during the middle of the night.

The trip took most of the morning. Snow was coming down hard with high winds. Visibility was not good and top speed for the trip was 25 to 30 mph.

The Fort Collins public school superintendent must be a hard taskmaster. He refused to close school. All other schools in a wide area are closed as are many stores and other businesses.

Click here for a Denver weather video (shown after a brief commercial).

Bumper sticker snicker

Driver carries no cash
He’s married

Dec 19, 2006

How’s that again?

The future mother-in-law hopes that her daughter gets a better husband than she did, because she knows her son will never get a wife as good as his father did.

Insanity sells

Keith Olbermann (pictured) is the MSNBC liberal bobble-head-in-chief. Well, maybe he is second behind Chris Matthews.

Anyway, there is a Power Line article here titled: “Insanity Sells.”

It seems that Olbermann, host of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, has turned his show into mostly rants against conservatives spewing venom against Republicans. It's liberal insanity.

While conservatives cry, Olbermann is laughing. Laughing all the way to the bank.

If his new contract with MSNBC is anything like he is asking for, Olbermann will quadruple his current $1 million dollar income.

Proves the Power Line label correct: insanity sells.


Olbermann is good at one thing -- he sure can throw paper!


Dec 18, 2006

Will Rogers had it right

Will Rogers said the problem with political jokes is they often get elected.

Rewriting US foreign policy to fix Iraq “joke”

There is an article here titled: “Kerry rewrites U.S. foreign policy to fix Iraq wisecrack.”

More on the John Kerry infamous wisecrack can be found here and here.