Apr 4, 2008

Bill Clinton: time to chill out

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Boy in trouble for his point-and-shoot camera

A 14-year-old student in Connecticut has been accused of rigging a camera so that it could deliver an electrical shock.

Police say the boy modified the camera using instructions from the Internet. He brought the device to school but a teacher intervened before he could use it.

School Resource Officer Kyle Strunjo says the makeshift device is potentially capable of giving someone a 600-volt shock.

The boy has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds, attempted assault and breach of peace.


The on-again off-again cell phone scare is back on

Mobile phone radiation warnings have come and gone over the last several years. As soon as a cell phone warning is reported, another expert will tell us cell phones are safe after all.

The latest scare is more dire than most. An article from the UK warns that the use of mobile phones can be more dangerous than smoking.

Complacency on the part of cell phone users is the natural result of on-again off-again warnings. Medical professionals have cried wolf too many times to be taken seriously.


Apr 1, 2008

Clumsy boxer can’t get in or out of the ring

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Anything to eat in your refrigerator?

Even though we usually know what’s in our refrigerators (after all, we bought the stuff didn’t we?) we always seem to open the door and stare inside for long minutes searching for something good to eat.

Most of us bend to our thrifty side and dutifully put every leftover scrap in the fridge for later use knowing full well that much of it will just get tossed later.

Do you put leftovers in opaque containers? We did it that way for several years - until we realized that opaque refrigerator containers almost guarantee that the contents will never be used. How often do people open every container to check what’s inside?

At our house we make more efficient use of leftovers since we started using glass containers even though we still occasionally find something that looks like a high school science project gone bad.

And how about the outside of your fridge? Does it look like a bulletin board at a community center? Most do.

Show me the fridge without magnets and notes plastered on the door and I’ll show you the eighth wonder of the world!

The link here has comments from people all around the world saying what they have in their refrigerators.

…note: the photos above were not taken in our kitchen…

Mar 31, 2008

Strong words about the Amnesty Bill

Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner has voiced his strong opinion against the Amnesty Bill working its way through congress.

Click on the picture below to hear CNN’s Lou Dobbs explain just what will happen if the bill passes in its present form.

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Pretty scary stuff, but this is what most Democrats in Washington have been trying to pass.

This bill is liberalism at its worst!

Mar 30, 2008

Truckers threaten to strike

The cost of diesel fuel is taking its toll as truckers threaten to strike.

With diesel at almost four dollars a gallon, it costs the average owner-operator $1,200 to fill up every one thousand miles.

Owner-operator truckers are planning to stop driving in hopes of driving fuel prices down.

They have been talking about striking April 15 - shutting down for 48 hours.

Two days doesn’t sound like much but it will be long enough to empty many grocery store shelves and create other temporary shortages that will call attention to the owner-operator drivers plight caused by high fuel prices.