Dec 8, 2006

Longtime Carter advisor quits in disgust

A longtime advisor to former president Jimmy Carter has resigned from the Carter Center in response to the new Carter Mideast book.

Evidently Carter (pictured) did his fact checking Dan Rather style. If it’s written by a liberal it doesn’t need fact checking.

Being president doesn’t give one the prerogative to change the facts to reach a prescribed reality.


Dec 7, 2006

Square hare from Delaware

Is this just another entry in a Worth 1000 contest for photoshopped photos or did someone finally capture that elusive Square Hare from Delaware?

Worst kept secret is out: Hillary to run for president

Nearly everyone but the chimney sweep knew Hillary would run for President in 2008. Now it’s official.

The cat’s out of the bag: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday let a New York lawmaker in on her not-so-secret plan to run for president.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (pictured) yesterday answered the question on everyone's mind - telling one New York lawmaker flat out: "I'm really going to go for this."

If she waits until her likability factor climbs up off the floor, she will never have a chance to run.

Of course Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Tim Russert and Diane Sawyer will pander to her so much it will be embarrassing.

But will it be enough to increase her likability factor? Probably not.


Kerry still evaluating effect of Botched Joke

Sen. John Kerry’s Botched Joke will haunt him for a very long time.

In fact, it looks like Kerry's political career could be ruined by the very thing that launched it -- running down the American soldier during a time of war.

There's before The Joke, when the Massachusetts senator appeared to be well on his way toward making a political comeback, laying the groundwork for a White House bid despite losing the 2004 presidential election.

Then there's after The Joke, when even fellow Democrats and former supporters question whether Kerry is still politically viable.

Kerry's quip just before the November 7 midterm elections that those who don't study hard "get stuck in Iraq" not only forced him into isolation in the campaign's final days, it rekindled criticism about his failure to beat a war-plagued president two years ago.

It also highlighted a shallowness to what he and his aides still considered to be widespread public support.


Dec 6, 2006

Leading Democrat wants more troops in Iraq

As the debate over Iraq intensifies, leading Democrat Silvestre Reyes is calling for the deployment of more U.S. troops. He says, “we can’t afford to leave.”

In a surprise twist in the debate over Iraq, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, the soon-to-be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops as part of a stepped up effort to “dismantle the militias.”

The soft-spoken Texas Democrat was an early opponent of the Iraq war and voted against the October 2002 resolution authorizing President Bush to invade that country.

That dovish record got prominently cited last week when Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi chose Reyes as the new head of the intelligence panel.

But in an interview with Newsweek on Tuesday, Reyes pointedly distanced himself from many of his Democratic colleagues who have called for fixed timetables for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

House Speaker Pelosi probably chose Reyes for that position because of his opposition to the Iraq war and his reputation as a dove.

Now, with his surprise announcement calling more troops, instead of the usual Democratic ‘cut and run’ stance, Pelosi is surely regretting her decision.


Name selection goes hi-tech

Dec 5, 2006

Venezuela Pres. Hugo Chávez wins by wide margin

Hugo Chávez was re-elected by a wide margin.

Emboldened by a resounding re-election, President Hugo Chávez pledged to shake up Venezuela with a more radical version of socialism and forge a wider front against the United States in Latin America.

Current law prevents him from running again in 2012 but he has said he plans to seek constitutional reforms that would include an end to presidential term limits.

He intends to be “President for life.”

In 1992 Hugo Chávez attempted to overthrow President Carlos Andrés Pérez. Although the coup failed, Chávez was elected president six years later.

In 1998 Chávez campaigned against the "savage capitalism" of the United States.

When there was talk of election fraud prior to the 1998 elections in Venezuela, ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter volunteered to monitor the election.

In spite of widespread charges of election fraud, Jimmy Carter certified the 1998 election results in Venezuela.

Chávez didn’t need Jimmy Carter this time. He bought his election by giving cash and other benefits to the poor as a part of the anti-business socialism during his first administration.

The 2006 election story is here.

Dec 4, 2006

Digital photo editing book with strange title

Last summer I stumbled across a digital photo-editing book with a title that seemed a bit unseemly.

The book is called, Digital Photo Editing for Seniors. Since the book is meant for seniors, I nearly passed it up thinking the content would be a bit shallow and intended for neophytes.

I looked up the book on The MSRP price was $29.95. Amazon had it listed for $19.47, marked down from $24.95. I scrolled down to the link “61 used and new available from $3.95.” These are available from other vendors who sell new and used books through Amazon via Amazon Marketplace.

I found a used copy of this book from a third party Amazon Marketplace seller for $4.05 plus $3.49 shipping. The book arrived, from the third party vendor in Oregon, 5 days after placing the order with Amazon.

The book was a pleasant surprise. It contains 360 pages of comprehensive instruction including retouching, layering and special effects using the software on the CD supplied with the book.

It was written by Addo Stuur and translated into English by Visual Steps. The first printing was January, 2005.

The CD contains ArcSoft PhotoStudio, a program that seems to contain a very adequate set of tools for editing digital photos.

Now, back to the unseemly title of this book. I really don’t know any seniors, just beginning to work with digital photos, who are eager to dive into 360 pages of techno talk about everything from translucent layering to removing a selection boundary and using tools like the bucket fill and magnetic lasso.

Incidentally, if you buy this book used, make sure the description says the CD is included.

Link here to book description which has mostly been translated into English. The book itself has been translated into English in its entirety.

John whats-his-name is stunned by joke fallout

John Kerry (pictured) plans to postpone his decision to run for President in 2008.

Senator John F. Kerry's election-eve "botched joke" about the war in Iraq -- and the fierce denunciations his comments drew from fellow Democrats -- has led him to reevaluate whether to mount a run for the presidency in 2008 and has led him to delay an announcement about his decision, according to Kerry associates.

Kerry -- who had methodically resurrected his political standing after a tough loss to President Bush in 2004 -- was stunned by the swift, angry reaction to his Oct. 30 statement that underachieving students would end up "stuck in Iraq."

Aides and friends say the senator was particularly stung by the fact that so many Democrats had joined Republicans in rebuking him.

It would be ironic if Kerry’s political career ended the same way his political career began -- by defaming our military in wartime.


Dec 3, 2006

Pot of gold at the end of rainbow

And we all thought there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I don't think there is any gold in this pot.

Janet Reno: most controversial Clinton appointee

Few members of the Clinton administration have evoked as much controversy as Attorney General Janet Reno (pictured).

The praise she received for her role investigating the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was overshadowed by her handling of the Ruby Ridge incident and the storming of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex.

There were needless deaths in both incidents because of Reno’s heavy handedness. At Waco there were deaths of many innocent women and children.

And who can forget that picture, which was probably staged at Reno’s request, of the “capture” of Elian Gonzoles by a trooper in full riot gear?

Once again the liberal media gave her amnesty along with the entire Clinton Administration.

Janet Reno does have an excuse for being a poor Attorney General. She was too busy covering up for the escapades of the molester-in-chief who appointed her.