Mar 3, 2008

Corbin Sparrow: mini car or scooter?

This is the Corbin “Personal Transportation Module”. In other words, it is a mini car/scooter that instead of getting into you have the feeling of putting it on like a garment.

2001 Corbin Sparrow

The 2001 Sparrow is a 900-pound vehicle with two wheels in front and one wheel in back. It is about the length of a Honda Valkyrie. Its one-piece monocoque construction fiberglass body encloses four batteries up front, “where an engine might otherwise be, a solo cockpit with four more batteries under the seat, and a windowless, trunkless, skirted rear end”.

The Corbin parked with motorcycles

“Drive 60 mph for 60 minutes, then re-charge (wait 6 hours at 110 volt sockets, wait 2 hours at 220 volt sockets) and do it again. Buy no gasoline. No need for tune-ups or oil changes. No need to sit in traffic jams because the Sparrow qualifies for the diamond lanes." How cool is that?

Cockpit of the Sparrow

Price is reported to be in the $12,000 - $13,000 range. Made in Hollister, California by Corbin-Pacific Inc. More information here and here.