Jan 24, 2008

Piggy bank: updated version

Does this mean the piggy bank is making a comeback?

The updated piggy bank shown here has four separate compartments so you can earmark your coins by category.

Notice that “invest” doesn’t get much respect. Its the compartment located at the pigs rear-end.

Link here.

101-year-old ship still working the Great Lakes

The St. Marys Challenger is a 101-year-old cement carrier that is still plying the waters of the Great Lakes.

Challenger was christened as the William P. Snyder when originally launched in Detroit. Over the years, the ship also was known as the Alex D. Chisholm, Medusa Challenger and Southdown Challenger.

The ship is currently known as the St. Marys Challenger and holds the honors of being the oldest lake boat still trading on the Great Lakes.

Powered by a steam engine, the Challenger was launched in 1906 - six years before the RMS Titanic set sail on its doomed maiden voyage.


Jan 23, 2008

Bill Clinton unleashed: unloads on the press

Bill Clinton is accustomed to being treated kindly by the media. Especially “Clinton friendly” media such as CNN, the network that has patronized him for the last 15 years.

When the media asks him tough questions he lashes out.

The most recent Bill Clinton barrage can be found here.

With a history of coronary artery disease, it would seem be in his best interest to calm down.