Nov 4, 2006

Help mom! There are liberals under my bed!

There is a new children’s book out that seems to have Hillary up in arms. The Senator's spokesman attacks the illustrated story that contains a Hillary Clinton look-alike.

"Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!" offers a witty alternative to the usual liberal fare, demonstrating the virtues of capitalism and true diversity of expression in words and pictures that both kids and adults can laugh along with.

The book skewers a variety of well-known liberals and their philosophy in cartoon fashion, and features a villain who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hillary taxing and regulating a child's lemonade stand.

The author said: “It's ironic that Hillary's press secretary would call for more government intrusion into our lives while bashing my book.”

Link to more information here.

Does Big Tex bite?

Big Tex, a 52-foot-tall talking cowboy figure is being prepared for the opening of the State Fair in Dallas last year

The photo shows maintenance worker sitting in a vulnerable position as he gets Big Tex ready for service.

Big Tex has been greeting fairgoers in 1953.

More about Big Tex here and here.

Nov 3, 2006

Coca-Cola Blāk: coffee flavored Coke

Coca-Cola introduced Coca-Cola Blāk, their new coffee flavored soft drink, in April, 2006.

Have you seen this product on store shelves? Me neither.

The company admits the product has not made an appearance in most of the target areas.

Coca-Cola is underway aiming the product at young adults.

It will be interesting to learn if Coca-Cola Blāk will have more caffeine than Coca-Cola