Apr 20, 2007

John Edwards and the arrogance of the entitled

Presidential candidate John Edwards (pictured) says that he and America are angry about wretched excess.

The candidate, who has been looking pretty [here] and pretty impressive in defining "Two Americas" -- one for the rich and privileged, a lesser place for everyone else -- came up with a wonderful device to show us all what he meant.

His campaign spending reports, required by the Federal Election Commission, revealed that he has been paying $400 for haircuts by a Beverly Hills cutter named Joseph Torrenueva.

The guy must be good, because Edwards' hair sure looks good. So does the rest of him, helped along by a $250 shaping at the Designworks Salon in Dubuque, Iowa, and $225 at the Pink Sapphire spa in Manchester, N.H.

Well, the man has great hair. My barber tells me I do, too, and he only charges 20 bucks.

As Luczanne says:

Muskie's tears, Dean's scream, Al's sigh, Kerry's magic hat,
now this. It's the little stuff that gets them every time.

Now it’s Edwards excess while living in the “entitled” portion of his “Two Americas.”

Does the White House have enough mirrors to accommodate the Breck Boy?


Apr 17, 2007

John Kerry hints at possible presidential run in 2008

Senator John Kerry (pictured) wants to be president so bad he can taste it.

He spoke to a small group of people at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Lodo (lower downtown Denver) hinting that he may step into the presidential race if the right situation presented itself.

As poorly as he managed his 2004 campaign it seems unlikely he would get enough primary votes to secure the Democratic nomination in 2008. However, voters sometimes have short memories so you never know . . .


Apr 16, 2007

Cold and sleet cuts short global warming rally

Cold and sleet in Reno, Nevada cut short a global warming rally.

More than two dozen demonstrators braved cold, wet weather Saturday in Reno to attend a rally designed to draw attention to global warming.

More than two dozen? Big turnout.


Apr 15, 2007

Katie Couric:Is America ready for a President who grew up praying in a mosque?

Katie Couric posted a question on her CBS blog about Barack Obama’s background:

Is America ready to elect a President who’s connections with Islam were the subject of rumors and innuendo?

Barack Obama has arguably the most diverse religious background of any candidate, ever. He was raised in Indonesia by a Christian mother and Muslim stepfather, and attended a Catholic school, but while growing up, also studied Islam. That background sparked rumors that he had studied in a radical madrasa, or Koranic school.

This is a question voters will be asking themselves during the 2008 primary elections.