Apr 6, 2007

End of evolution?

Good grief! And in only 7 days?

This would be a great photo to use for a caption contest.


HBO film about Bush-Gore 2000 election recount

HBO will make a film about the 2000 presidential election when the TV networks first declared that Al Gore had won and then called Florida for Bush before announcing that the race was too close to call.

This was followed by three weeks of legal maneuvering.

Will the movie show how the Gore team demanded re-counts and then re-counts of some of the re-counts? It was as if they wanted to keep counting until they got the results they wanted.

What about the military ballots that were rejected by the Gore team because they arrived a few days late? Military ballots traditionally are overwhelmingly Republican.

Will the film show people holding ballots up to the light while studying them with magnifying glasses in a effort to try to guess the intent of the voter?

Will the movie show the results of two subsequent recounts by two different newspapers, both of which showed Bush won?

Will the film report that the Florida Supreme Court refused to hear the case the first time. It was then sent to the U.S. Supreme Court where it was rejected and returned to the Florida Supreme Court. After the Florida high court again refused, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case and ruled in favor of Bush.

Knowing that 95% of Hollywood is staunchly liberal there is little doubt how the film will be slanted. Expect as much innuendo as fact.


Apr 5, 2007

Pelosi questions lack of female Saudi politicians

The title of this posting proves once again that Nancy Pelosi (pictured) is not known for her intellect.

She is not only mucking up the careful state department strategy for the Middle East, she is trying to cram social correctness down their throats.

If she were qualified to be a state department ambassador she would know that women in Saudi aren’t even allowed to drive automobiles.

Wondering why women don’t hold political office in Saudi Arabia is like wondering why black men didn’t hold political office in the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

Mrs. Pelosi also defied tradition and wore a lavender pantsuit instead of the long black robe, called an abaya, that women, Saudi and non-Saudi, have to wear in the kingdom.

Mrs. Pelosi arrived in Saudi Arabia from Syria, where she defied the White House's Middle East policy by meeting with President Bashar Assad and saying "the road to Damascus is a road to peace." The Bush administration has rejected direct talks with Damascus and criticized Mrs. Pelosi for her visit.

Other than that, and misquoting Israel Prime Minister Olmert, things went rather well for a bumbling Secretary of State wannabe.

How long before she takes credit for the release of the British sailors?


Apr 4, 2007

Scandal manufactured by Democrats and media

Federal judges serve at the pleasure of the President. He hires them and can fire them.

The firing of eight federal judges has been made into the “scandal that isn’t there” by Democrats in Washington and perpetuated by the media.

The contrived controversy over the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys is largely an exercise in imaginary indignation.

Congressional Democrats suggest that some of the firings may have been improper and demand to know the reasons for each of them. By what authority they make such demand is not clear, since the Supreme Court has ruled that, with limited exceptions, Congress has no voice in the dismissal of federal officers.

There was no such outcry when Bill Clinton ordered Janet Reno (pictured) to fire all 93 federal attorneys. In fact, the liberal media made it seem like it was the right thing to do.

Furthermore, there is nothing to stop Bush from firing any political appointee for whatever reason he chooses.

The Democrats are trying to make anything the administration does to appear as a scandal until the 2008 election.

They know that Hillary will probably be their candidate for president in 2008 and they are afraid she will be a weak candidate. They also know that the media will keep their “scandal” accusations alive for as long as they can.

The sad thing about this whole “scandal that wasn’t there” affair is the unwillingness of the President and Republicans in congress to put a stop to his nonsense! This proves the old saying: “people will do to you what you allow them to do.”