May 4, 2007

The Tenet tell-all book is untenable

George Tenet, the former CIA Director, has written a book that many observers say was driven by his ‘sour grapes’ affliction.

Tenet, a poster child for “The Power Of Positive Brown-Nosing,” has hit a new low, even for Washington.

Having worked his way up the political ladder by leaving no back unslapped, on the way down he’s leaving no back unstabbed.

George Tenet is the Barney Fife of the spy world. Every bad guy got away, and he never took his bullet out of his pocket.

Screwing up the pre-Iraq war intelligence alone makes him a failure. Utterly missing the 9/11 attacks and having not a single CIA asset in the Taliban or al-Qaeda at the time earns him “Worst CIA Chief Ever.”

But Tenet’s incompetence overshadows even these “accomplishments.”

The liberal media is Tenet’s cheerleading section. They are hanging on every word of the new Tenet book hoping to, at the very least, smear Bush for not firing the former CIA Director long ago.

Bush deserves criticism for allowing Tenet to remain as head of the CIA far too long.

Will the Tenet book be filed in the fiction section at the Library of Congress?


May 3, 2007

House fails to override Bush veto

During an hour-long debate before voting to override the Iraq spending bill veto, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (pictured) said:

The president has turned a tin ear to the wishes of the American people.

The president wants a blank check. The Congress will not give it to him.

But Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., urged his colleagues to sustain the veto, saying politicians should not make military decisions.

"Now is not the time for the United States to back down in its war on terror," Lewis said

Wonder what Senator Biden is saying now?


Biden: shove the Bush veto down his throat

Senator Joe Biden (pictured) proves once again that his positive traits are almost non-existent.

This mean-spirited threat came from a presidential candidate.

The YouTube video of Senator Biden’s threat is here.


May 2, 2007

McCain complains of rough media treatment

In the past war hero McCain (pictured) was given great press my most of the media.

Now it’s different and the Senator acts like his feelings are hurt. Well, welcome to the real world Senator McCain.

Sen. John McCain, who was the darling of the political press corps during the 2000 election cycle, complains to friends that he is getting much rougher treatment from the news media than his competitors for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

McCain feels that his support for President Bush's Iraq policy has soured his erstwhile reporter friends. Although Giuliani and Romney also have been criticized by the media, McCain privately expresses the view that they have gotten off easy.


May 1, 2007

Democrats caving in on war bill

The Iraq white flag wavers (Democrats in Congress) have conceded on the war bill.

They knew it would not get by a presidential veto, so why did they push it this far? To keep their “hate Bush” mania going.

The Republicans are not blameless. They keep on rolling over and taking whatever the Democrats try to smear them with. For centuries it has been proven that people will “do to you what you allow them to.”

Turning the other cheek is an admirable trait -- but it has gone far beyond that. Time for the Republicans to develop a little spine.


Apr 29, 2007

Former Tennessee state senator guilty of bribery

There is an Associated Press article at the link below about former Tennessee state Sen. John Ford who was convicted of taking $55,000 bribe.

A Democratic Senator charged with a crime, whether on the state or national level, is not uncommon.

It is also not uncommon to show the politician’s party affiliation deep in the article if the corrupt senator is a Democrat.

Senator Ford, a Democrat, is a prominent member of one of Tennessee's most active political families.

The article is true to form -- the fact that he is a Democrat is not mentioned until the 14th paragraph. However, had the politician been a Republican, the party affiliation would have shown in the first paragraph