Jan 10, 2008

Study shows cell phone users tie up traffic

Do you use your wireless phone while driving? If so, you may be slowing traffic as well as your arrival time to say nothing of the safety of yourself and other drivers.

The University of Utah's Traffic Lab found that drivers who use cell phones behind the wheel impede the flow of traffic and extend commute times.

Prior studies have equated the risk of driving while talking on a cell phone with driving while drunk. Some 50 countries have banned use of hand-held phones while driving.

The study showed tha when drivers were distracted by a phone conversation, they made fewer lane changes, drove slower and took longer to get where they are going. It made no difference if they used a hands-free phone.


Jan 8, 2008

Cooking spray helps clear snow from a satellite dish

A clever solution for keeping snow and ice buildup off your satellite dish is to put a plastic trash bag over it and pull it tight to prevent sagging.

Use duct tape to seal the bag to the back of the dish. The snow and ice will fall off the bag and give you clear reception.

If snow and ice starts to build up on the bag, spray the bag with PAM (or similar) cooking spray.

Satellite dish heaters and covers are available but you can’t beat the price of the remedy outlined above.

Jan 6, 2008

Optical illusions

These soldiers are all exactly the same height.

Another simple yet very cool optical illusion.

Solar car from Taiwan to hit market soon

A solar car from Taiwan is slated to hit the market soon, but it won't be a hit in this country.

The battery charges in just a few hours sunlight and can power the car for three hours.

It will have a top speed of 70kph (43 mph). It may work out as a golf cart but it would be a menace on the freeway.

We wonder how many will be standing in line to pay 800,000 New Taiwanese Dollars ($24,617) for this vehicle.