Apr 27, 2007

John Edwards: no terror war

The Breck Boy must be in complete denial. Maybe he lives in his own little dream world.

He sure does have nice hair though.

Link here to a long list of terror attacks beginning in 2000.

Link here to the Edwards denial story.

Memories extended by liberals

Fond this in the comments to a Lucianne posting

Ah, the memories extended by liberals:

I think of Al Gore every time a third-world-built toilet malfunctions.

I think of Cheryl Crow when one square rips off the thrift-programmed roller at a rest stop. (link here for story)

I think of Bill Clinton and gullible, nubile females when I see a cigar.

I think of Harry Reid when I see a report of dead/wounded American Troops in Iraq.

I think of Evita Peron when Speaker Nancy Pelosi performs another act.

I picture a donkey heading south whenever I think of Hillary, Schumer, Leahy or Levin.. I know I have left many out.

Apr 26, 2007

Hillary says Bush is hard person to deal with

Senator Clinton said there are risks in sending bills to President Bush that cut off troop funding in Iraq and that passing such bills may not be possible because he will veto them.

She sounds as if Bush veto’s a lot of bills that Congress sends him. Actually, he is one of the least vetoing presidents ever.

As for the particular bill she was referring to -- the bill that will cut military funding -- it is a bill the Democrats know Bush will veto. The bill was intentionally drafted that way.

In Hillary’s world, if President Bush doesn’t do what she wants him to do, he is hard to deal with.


Apr 25, 2007

Obama Outlines His Foreign Policy Views

Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy ‘coming out party’ has begun.

He knows as much about foreign policy as Janet Reno knew about running the justice department.

He is calling for “expanding and modernizing the military and rebuilding fractured alliances.”

Is he even aware that all of the other Congressional Democrats want to do just the opposite -- downsize the military and cut military finding?

What “fractured alliances” is he talking about? Is he talking about alliances with the Taliban and al-Qaeda?

He really doesn’t have a clue.

It must be comforting to be a far-left liberal, knowing that the media will coddle and protect you.


Apr 24, 2007

Edwards would invest billions in Michigan

Speaking to more than 1,800 Democrats in Detroit last Saturday, Edwards said he'd invest billions of dollars in Michigan.

It is no secret that Michigan is in financial trouble. Billions to Michigan would not be an investment. It would be throwing good money after bad.

When Republican governor John Engler left office the state had a surplus. It didn’t take long for Governor Jennifer Granholm’s socialist policies to nearly bankrupt the state.

John Edwards told Democrats in Michigan what they want to hear. However, if he was serious about “investing” billions in the troubled state, he really has no idea of the role of President.