Feb 16, 2011

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Feb 13, 2011

Report: computer malware hit five sites in Iran

From a report in the New York Times:

The Stuxnet software worm repeatedly sought to infect five industrial facilities in Iran over a 10-month period, a new report says, in what could be a clue into how it might have infected the Iranian uranium enrichment complex at Natanz.

The report, released Friday by Symantic, the Norton antivirus publishers, said there were three waves of attacks.

The team was able to chart the path of the infection because of an unusual feature in Stuxnet that recorded information on the location and type of each computer it infected which allowed the authors of Stuxnet to know if they had successfully reached their intended target.

By taking samples of Stuxnet they had collected from various computers, the researchers were able to build a model of the spread of the infection. They determined that 12,000 infections could be traced back to just five initial infection points.

More here.

WW11 Japanese mass grave on Iwo Jima

Japanese officials bow at a mass grave site on Iwo Jima island on Dec. 14, 2010 where the remains of Japanese soldiers, who died in the battle for Iwo Jima, have been discovered.

In a rare visit to Iwo Jima, now known in Japan as Ioto , Japan's Prime Minister offered prayers at two recently discovered mass grave sites and vowed to find the more than 12,000 fallen soldiers whose bodies have yet to be recovered from the remote island where some of World War II's fiercest fighting took place.

Eeek! Rat delays flight from Seattle to Denver

An Alaska Airlines jet was grounded after a rat was spotted running around the cabin Friday morning.

The rodent was discovered running around Flight 676 from Sea-Tac to Denver just before takeoff.

The plane immediately returned to the gate and passengers were put on a different plane, which left about 90 minutes later.

The plane has been taken out of service until an exterminator can make sure it's clean of rodents.

All rats without tickets will be taken off the plane.