Jan 5, 2007

Democrat leaders want military redeplyment

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi want the president to “redeploy Iraq troops.”

If the president wants them to make foreign policy he would ask them for help. In the meanwhile, they would both be well advised to learn the meaning of military terminology.

Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi want our military to be redeployed but they didn’t say where. Did they really mean they wanted our troops brought back home? Bringing troops home would be a withdrawal, not redeployment.

The Democrats took majority control of the House and Senate on Tuesday.

Now they want to wave white surrender flags on Friday. Sure didn’t take them long.


A local Sheriff can be very helpful

"Hello, is this the Sheriff's Office?"
"Yes. What can I do for you?"
"I'm calling to report my neighbor, Virgil Smith. He's drillin' holes in his firewood and hiding marijuana inside!"
"Thank you very much for the call, sir."

The next day, the Sheriff and his deputies descend on Virgil's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they split every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. They glare at Virgil and leave.

The phone rings at Virgil's house.

"Hey, Virgil! This here is Floyd. Did the Sheriff come?"
"Did they split yer firewood?"
"Happy Birthday, buddy!"

Jan 4, 2007

UFO’s or space junk over Denver

Starting at 6:30 this morning, unusual sights were reported in the sky over Denver.

Actually, the sightings were also reported over Wyoming and other nearby states.

I posted more about this on my other blog here.

Will 2007 be the Hillary - Obama show?

If the media keeps playing up a race between Hillary and Obama, we could be in for a long two years.

Hillary thinks that Obama’s prospects will diminish as people realize his lack of experience.

Earlier I listed Obama’s qualifications, which started with his rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.

His other qualification? That would be his rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.

I keep repeating myself trying to find another qualification.

Hillary is right - without any more experience than his admission of taking heroin when he was young, he could be just a flash in the pan.

For now, however, we will keep reading about the Omama vs. Obama race.


Four Democrats challenging 2006 election results

When will Democrats learn to accept election losses? Time after time it’s count and recount in hope the Democrat will eventually win. It never happens that way, but they try at great expense to election commissions.

The 2000 fiasco seemed to set a precedent. There were challenges by Democrats again in 2004 and now there are four challenges two months after the 2006 election.

There are no ongoing challenges by Republicans as a result of the 2004 elections.

Is it because Democrats always think they deserve to win elections? Is it because the liberal media stirs up contention when a Democrat loses a close race?

Link here and here.

Jan 3, 2007

Street department spelling test

Spelling classes for the street department sign painters will begin each afternoon at 2:15

Editorial misconduct at the New York Times

We expect those in the news media to intentionally misinform their fellow citizens in countries ruled by dictators.

It should be a red flag when that happens in this country yet the New York Times has been doing it all along.

Other newspapers and Cable TV Networks have also been guilty. However, none of the others are as flagrant about intentionally misinforming the public about political matters as the New York Times.


Jan 1, 2007

He couldn’t outwit the duck

A duck walked into a bar and said, "Hey bartender, ya got any grapes?" The bartender said, "No, I ain't got no grapes, get outta here." The duck left.

The duck came back the next day and said, "Hey bartender, ya got any grapes?" The bartender said, "No, I ain't got no grapes, and if you ask me one more time if I have any grapes, I'm gonna nail your feet to the floor!" The duck left.

The duck came back the third day and says, "Hey bartender, ya got any nails?" The bartender said, "No, I ain't got no nails.” The duck said, "So ya got any grapes?"

A story the US liberal press ignored

Hillary Rodham Clinton (pictured) is not doing well in poll races.

The first vote is still more than a year away, but the campaign to replace President George W Bush in the White House is already throwing up surprises.

Unfortunately for Senator Hillary Clinton, long the front-runner in the Democratic drive to retake the presidency, most of them are coming at her expense.

So much for the Democrats’ best-organized, best-financed and best-connected contender for her party’s presidential nomination.

This is a story the liberal media in the United States is hesitant to print. This story came from the UK.


Illegals have hard time finding legitimate work

What’s wrong with the title to this posting? There is no such thing as legitimate work for anyone here illegally.

It was taken from an article found here reporting that the Beaufort, South Carolina County Council passed a Lawful Employment Ordinance, which uses business license suspensions as a penalty for employers discovered with illegal workers. The measure passed by a 9-0 vote.

The article says that as a result of the council vote:
Illegal immigrants may have a tougher time finding legitimate work in the county.

Legitimate work for illegals indeed! No job can ever be legitimate if it is held by an illegal.

Dec 31, 2006

Snowy Loveland Colorado

Entrance to North Lake Park under a blanket of snow
Loveland, Colorado

Video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein

This is an unauthorized video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein filmed by a cell phone.

The three-minute video is of poor quality but is very graphic as it shows Saddam falling when the trap door is sprung.


Note: this video may be removed from the internet soon.