Jan 18, 2008

Make a survival kit from an Altoids Tin

Link here to a Field & Stream magazine article that shows how to pack a survival kit into an Altoids tin.

Several versions are listed so you can make one for many purposes including a Pocket Kit, Day Kit, and Wilderness Kit.

I never dreamed an Altoids mint tin could have such an interesting and useful second life.

Conscience …

Conscience is what hurts

when everything else feels good

Jan 17, 2008


Qees are 2 & 1/2-inch tall collectable key chain figures. The Qees (pronounced ‘keys’) are also available in a large 8 inch size. You would need big pockets to use the large size as a key chain, but then your keys never get lost.

A small collection of Qees

They have been out for a few years so maybe it’s not just a passing fad. Wonder if they are traded on playgrounds like football stickers? Or maybe like pog trading in the early 1990’s. Remember pogs? Kids gathered ‘em in by the bag full for a very short time - until they discovered how worthless they were and tossed them out.

Collecting Qees sounds like it could be fun. A lot more exciting to kids than collecting stamps and not as addictive as baseball cards. Qee links here and here.

Jan 16, 2008

Lightning strikes and rainbow in same photo

(click on picture to enlarge)

Awesome picture of lightning strikes and a rainbow. Photo taken near Fort Smith, Arkansas.


Jan 15, 2008

The "living in a garbage truck" hoax

Have you seen this hoax on the Internet, or maybe received it by e-mail?

The story of a garbage truck converted to a motor home has been posted several places on the Internet.

The postings are usually titled, Living in a garbage truck. Don’t you believe it. It’s just another hoax floating around on the Internet.

It’s a TerraCross Home on Wheels made by UNICAT. The TerraCross web site is here. The UNICAT home page is here.

The myth buster web site is here.