Oct 27, 2007

The Obama vs. Omama war is heating up

Obama promises a forceful stand against Clinton.

Senator Barack Obama says he will start confronting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton more forcefully, declaring that she had not been candid in describing her views on critical issues, as he tries to address mounting alarm among supporters that his lack of assertiveness has allowed her to dominate the presidential race.


Oct 25, 2007

Make paper skull with moving jaw for Halloween

There are patterns at the link below for two skulls you can make just in time for Halloween. for this skull at the link below.

The illustration shows the paper skull with articulated jaw.

Link here for paper skull with movable mouth. Link here for paper skull mask.

New York Times ripe for buyout?

There is a Forbes.com article at the link below titled: Buyout Alert: Could The New York Times Be Next?

Dow Jones changed hands faster than anyone might have imagined. Could The New York Times be next on the takeover list?

Who would want to buy such a financially troubled newspaper?

Liberals will never allow the Times to go under. It still has powerful editorial clout and liberals must keep it going.

Someone like billionaire George Soros may buy it and run it at a loss just to keep its ultra liberal editorial voice alive. Soros is the man behind MoveOn.org, the organization that claims to ‘own’ the Democratic Party. MoveOn does indeed ‘own’ the Democratic Party because it controls the Democrats in the Washington.

The liberal media has helped elect many progressive (extreme left) Democrats. Much of that has been due to the New York Times.

Actually, it would be a shame if the Times folded. After all, one copy of the paper can keep a birdcage lined for a couple of months!

We recently posted about the Times financial problems here.

We also posted what the front pages of the Times probably would have looked like leaking the “One if by land: two if by sea” story. That story is here.

There cannot possibly be a more anti-American, anti-government city newspaper than the Times.

The Forbes article is here.