Feb 22, 2008

UFO’s appear on satellite photos

I’m not sure if these photos show actual UFO’s or not but they got my attention.

The pictures below were found on Google Sightseeing - UFO update. Link here.

There are links to over 20 photos that appear to be satellite images containing some sort of ball or disc shaped object.

Eight of the pictures are said to have been taken over Florida. The rest were taken over Los Angeles, California.

Four of them are shown below:

Some of the comments from the site are:

The UFOs are just too big to be water towers (and there’s no shadow).

Definitely they’re NOT marks for picture stitching. In most stitching software (like for making panoramas) the algorithm comes down to finding sharp and contrasting details and aligning those spots with each other

Condensation inside some sort of housing would be my guess. If the drop were directly on the lens it would be effectively invisible. Put it a few inches/feet away and have the camera shooting with a very deep depth of field (as you would with a small aperture) and it would look just like that anomaly.

I’m sure the photos do not show alien spacecraft. They are not out of this world but they are interesting to look at. Anomalies perhaps, but not flying saucers.



More similar photos can be found here

Feb 21, 2008

Their last water bill was $8,000? Is that all?

A family in Danville, Kentucky received an $8,000 water bill for a house they say they haven't lived in for more than two years.

The family was told by a water company employee that the $8,000 bill was not a clerical error.

The ground around the home isn't saturated and there are no apparent signs of a leak.

Needless to say, they want an explanation for the $8,000 water bill for the empty house with no water leaks.


When quilt makers get carried away

This is what happens when quilt makers go too far.

(click on picture to enlarge)

The Clinton blueprint

The Washington Post reports on a ‘blueprint’ that will restore the race for the nomination to ’rough parity’ between Hillary and Barack Obama

Talk of a Clinton blueprint reminds Lucianne of an old cartoon showing two prisoners chained hand and foot to a cement wall. One says to the other, "I have a plan."

We wonder if treading water has anything to do with the Hillary blueprint? Or is the blueprint more like finding a way to Fosterize Barack Obama?

Sen. Clinton is probably wishing she was back in her dorm room at Wellesley (pictured) cramming for mid-terms.

Link here to the Hillary blueprint article.

Large RC model of Lockheed Constellation airliner in action

The link below has a video of a very large radio control model of a Lockheed Constellation plane in action.

The video shows the Lockheed “Connie” making two flights with perfect landings, takeoffs and several awesome fly bye’s.


Feb 17, 2008

Royal wave: handmade wooden action miniature

Here is something for that ‘hard to buy for’ person on your Christmas shopping list.

It’s a 9 inch tall handmade wooden action miniature of the Queen giving her usual ‘royal wave.’

This ‘way cool’ action figure will only set you back £700.00 ($1,351.00).

Click here and scroll down to see it in action along with sound effects.