Mar 9, 2007

Congressman berates war mother in corridor

During a videotaped altercation with a war mother in a corridor, Congressman David Obey, a Democrat from Wisconsin, lambasted “idiot liberals” as part of his ranting.

But isn’t calling his Democrat colleagues “idiot liberals” akin to the pot calling the kettle sooty?

The altercation was filmed and posted on YouTube and can be found here. A little over half way through the conversation, the Congressman becomes irate and even yells at a man in the hallway.

Rep. Obey later apologized to the war mother.

More on the confrontation can be found here.

= = = = = = = = UPDATE = = = = = = = =

Some of the YouTube postings of the video have been pulled. If the link above is dead, try the link here or here. Congressman Obey, as well as his liberal colleagues in Congress, would understandably want the video pulled.

Obama buys shares in firms backed by political donors

Senator Obama (pictured) has more than just 17-year-old parking tickets to worry about.

Barack Obama, who is seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, has been forced to defend some curious stock purchases in companies that were backed by some of his top political donors.

Barack Hussein Obama said he was unaware of any conflict.

In reality, besides buying share in firms backed by political donors, he made a $5,000 investment in a biotech company that was developing a drug to combat avian flu, a cause Obama quickly took up in Congress just after investing in the stock. Is that the kind of person we want in the White House?

The Clinton’s could push a story like this aside and the press would act like it never happened. Obama does not have that much power. Not yet anyway.

Speaking of the Clinton’s, were they the ones who leaked this story?


Presidential candidate finally pays 17-year-old parking tickets

The 17-year-old parking tickets were not important until he decided to run for President of the United States.

As he prepared to announce his campaign for the White House, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama [pictured] took care of some unfinished business at Harvard University -- paying about $400 in parking fines dating back to his days as a law student

Obama paid Cambridge $375 on January 26 for 17 parking tickets received between 1988 and 1990, she said. He paid neighboring Somerville another $45 for late fees on two parking tickets from the early 1990s, a Somerville official added.

Obama also paid a $73 auto excise tax he owed Somerville, said city spokesman Tom Champion.


Mar 8, 2007

Another company raided: accused of hiring illegals

Raids on companies hiring illegals continue. This time a New Bedford Massachusetts leather manufacturer was targeted by 300 federal immigration agents. Up to 350 are in custody including the company's owner and three managers.

Feds say the company hired illegals to keep up with government contracts. The company supplied backpacks and other products to the military.

Between 2004 and 2006, it won $82 million in military contracts.

Link here and here.

Momentum shifting toward global warming skepticism

Senator James Inhofe said:

Politicians who build campaigns around "alarmist" global warming claims are themselves becoming quite alarmed because of growing skepticism.

Momentum is shifting away from scientific theories bolstering "anthropocentric" (human-centered) models of global warming and toward skeptics who do not see a link between human activity and rising temperatures, Inhofe told the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Problem is, most of those politicians who got themselves elected on a promise to “do something about global warming” are then compelled to continue the alarmism whether they buy into the science or not


Mar 7, 2007

Time magazine changes: blowing up the clubhouse

There is an article at the link below titled: “Time of their lives.” It is about the recent management shakeup at Time Magazine.

The last three managing editors of Time were good friends, all members of an elite club. Now the newest one has been charged with blowing up the clubhouse.

Maybe Richard Stengel, Time’s new managing editor, arrived just in time to save Time from itself, a magazine whose time may have passed (pardon the puns).


Mar 6, 2007

The Libby trial: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

The left-winger’s in Washington are celebrating a victory today. They "got" someone from the administration.

It is a shallow, dubious victory based on a non-crime, and prosecuted in a mean-spirited manner with an evil intent.

But that’s how the liberal left in Washington operates.

What happens now? Will the pardon come next or will the case go to the Supreme Court first? The Supreme Court will tear this non-case to shreds before it gets tossed out.

The jury, who had to be told the meaning of “reasonable doubt,” will be celebrating because now they can make lucrative book deals describing how they nailed Libby.

Link here and here.

Michael Moore: falling house of cards

The tables have been turned on Michael Moore (pictured), the maker of the film Fahrenheit 9/11.

The hunter has become the hunted. Michael Moore, the celebrated left-wing film-maker, has become the unwilling subject of a new documentary that raises damaging questions about the credibility of his work.

Moore’s films, which he calls documentaries, include Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Yet the latest assault on Moore’s film-making techniques has come from an unexpected quarter.

In Manufacturing Dissent, a documentary to be shown for the first time at a Texas film festival on Saturday, a pair of left-wing Canadian film-makers take Moore to task for what they describe as a disturbing pattern of fact fudging and misrepresentation.

Most of his critics say all of his films contain fact fudging and misrepresentation.


Mar 5, 2007

Prominent Scientist is now global warming skeptic

Noted French scientist, Dr. Allegre, has second thoughts on global warming.

Claude Allegre, one of France's leading socialists and among her most celebrated scientists, was among the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of global warming.

Now he is becoming a skeptic.What makes this change of heart interesting is that Allegre is one of France's leading socialists.

Global warming has become a political issue in the U.S. championed by the far left wing of the Democratic Party. Left wing politics in the U.S. can be closely tied to European socialist views.

Look for other noted scientists to also distance themselves from the current global warming hysteria.


How Gore's massive energy consumption saves the world

An interesting look at the recent claims of excessive energy consumption by Al Gore as presented by Mark Steyn in his Sunday column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The title of this Sunday’s Steyn was: “How Gore's massive energy consumption saves the world.”

Wonder how much coffee spewed out of how many noses of the global warming faithful yesterday morning when they read the Steyn article right after their waffles and eggs?

Well worth reading, the article can be found here.

Mar 4, 2007

A divorcée buys her first license plate

Pretty fancy car! License plate tells the story.

Democrats reward big union bosses with legislative gift

Last Thursday the Democrats rewarded organized labor for helping them retake control of Congress by passing a House bill that would make it easier to start unions against companies' wishes.

This bill will probably die in the Senate. Even so, the effort in the House could be enough to appease big labor who take credit for the big Democrat majority in the House.