Feb 16, 2007

Does Bit Tex bite?

“Big Tex”, a 52-foot-tall talking cowboy figure is being prepared for the opening of the State Fair in Dallas. The photo shows a workman sitting in a vulnerable position as he prepares the giant cowboy for another State Fair season.

“Big Tex” has been greeting fairgoers in 1953. More about Big Tex here and here.

Al Franken to run for U.S. Senate

A couple of years ago Al Franken (upper picture) re-established a residence in Minnesota with the idea of some day running for the U.S. Senate.

That ‘some day’ is today.

A little background on the Senate seat Franken will attempt to win:

This is the seat held by the late Senator Paul Wellstone, a staunchly liberal Democrat. The seat is now held by Senator Norm Coleman a moderate Republican.

Norm Coleman’s successful election in a liberal district may have been aided by the disgraceful manner in which liberal politicians and political activists behaved at Paul Wellstone’s funeral (Wellstone was killed in an airplane accident in 2002). They turned the Wellstone memorial into a boisterous political rally.

However, it may take more than Al Franken to win back the seat for the Democrats even in a liberal district.

Al Franken, talk show host on the failing liberal Air America radio network, has a lot of negative baggage to carry into his Senate campaign.

First of all, how can he expect voters to see the author of a book called, “Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.” as a serious politician? The lower picture shows Al Franken dressed as a baby wearing a diaper. Would you vote for this man to represent you in the U.S. Senate?

(click on picture to enlarge)

Franken has a personality trait that he may not be able to hide during a spirited political debate -- his red-hot temper. He is liable to go off into a tirade during a political debate.

Franken may win in spite of his negative attributes, however. After all, Minnesota is the state that put former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura in the Governor’s mansion in 1999.


Feb 15, 2007

Get a bang out of fully loaded chair

This chair is made with 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells.

Not much information but probably not too many people interested anyway.

Link here.

Race car driver Mario Andretti said it...

"If everything is under control
you are not going fast enough."

Feb 14, 2007

Smarter at age 60 than at 21

They say by age 60 your brain holds 4 times as much information as it did at age 21.

Then why did I think I knew everything when I turned 21?

Scam aimed at old men

This is a new scam aimed at older men. When an old man stops for a traffic light, a pretty young girl clad in a topless bikini rushes up and washes the windshield.

While this is happening, a man opens the back door and steals anything in the car. They are very good at this.

They got me twice two weeks ago. I looked all over but couldn’t find them last week.

Feb 13, 2007

Can you solve this puzzle?

Check out this fun illusion puzzle. Click here and see if you can figure it out!

Global warming advocates say silence the opposition

An article (at the link below) by Canadian broadcaster and Entomologist David Suzuki (pictured) says. “ignore scientists that ignore global warming."

A media darling--especially to the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)--who pays his salary Suzuki's advice to journalists is specific: They should ignore scientists that cast doubt on global warming, since they don't represent a consensus within the scientific community.

Suzuki's own solutions to save the environment are heavily focused on the Kyoto Protocol and include firm targets and timelines to reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions.

The David Suzuki Traveling Show has a real problem: The Stephen Harper-led Conservative Government in Ottawa still rejects the emission-cutting targets of the Kyoto Protocol and have said they will vote against an opposition motion in Parliament to implement the treaty.

In a five-year-old letter that somehow resurfaced last week, Prime Minister Harper called Kyoto a "money-sucking socialist scheme"

Suzuki’s advice is to silence the opposition -- it worked for the Nazis.


Feb 12, 2007

Ring of truth

Sign on the door of a Conference Room at the CIA:
Please do not inquire as to the apparent inefficiency of our work. The nature of it requires such a high degree of secrecy that we are not permitted to know what we are doing.

Obama kicks off campaign with ‘uniting’ speech

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign kickoff speech was held in Springfield, Illinois. He chose the town where Abraham Lincoln lived when he became president in 1861.

Further trying to ride on the coattails of Abraham Lincoln, Obama (pictured) portrayed himself as a black man “evoking Abraham Lincoln's ability to unite a nation.”

Obama also said he wants to ‘transform’ America, whatever that means -- the article, at the link below, does not say.

The junior Senator from Illinois failed to mention in his speech that he was given the name Barack Hussein Obama by his Islamic father who left the family and moved back to Kenya when Obama was a very small child.

He also did not mention that his new stepfather, an Indonesian student, put him in a Madrassa in Jakarta where he was raised as a Muslim until he was 10 years old.


Feb 11, 2007

Rep. Waxman: resident pit bull and muckraker

Republicans have been wondering how long it would take Henry Waxman (pictured), Democrat chairman of the oversight committee, to begin mucking about trying to dig up dirt on the Bush administration.

When Waxman finally got around to doing something, it was of little substance.

Waxman's oversight committee spent the week delving into government waste that ranged from spending in Iraq to federal drug program pricing -- inquests Republicans say mainly provided entertainment but no legislative action.

Some of the hearings of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform were strictly "a show," said Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican on the panel.

It would be more productive if Waxman would investigate some of the Democrat culture of corruption in the House of Representatives.

A good place to start would be Rep. William Jefferson from Louisiana. He is the congressman who tried to hide $85,000 bribe money in his home freezer. The bills had been marked by the FBI. So far the Democrats have been able to keep Jefferson’s bribery problems under the carpet. More on that story here.

Waxman should also check out Alcee Hastings the Democrat who was a judge in Florida until he was impeached in 1988 by the House and was removed from the bench by the Senate. He is now a member of the House of Representatives, taking his place among other corrupt Democrat members of congress. More on Alcee Hastings here.

Waxman’s “entertainment” story is here.

Schwarzenegger playing both sides of the fence

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured) has a unique gift. He was able to draw over 90% of Republican votes during his re-election as Governor in spite of the fact that he acts more like a liberal Democrat.

There is an article here titled: “Governor seeks unity in speech to state GOP.”

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger described himself as a "proud Republican" in a speech Friday night at the state's Republican convention, where party conservatives are fuming over the governor's not-so-conservative agenda.

Receiving polite applause, Schwarzenegger said he would continue his theme of "postpartisan" cooperation by searching for the middle ground on the state's key issues but insisted he would never discard his Republican values.

What did the Governor mean by postpartisan? It almost sounds like a medical term.

What postpartisan means in this case is that Schwarzenegger is a fence walker, trying his best to seem conservative enough to please California Republicans while being liberal enough to make the Democrats happy they voted for him.

With his unique ability to ride the political fence, along with his natural charisma and ability to influence the media, he could just swing the California presidential vote to a Republican in 2008 especially if the candidate is Rudy Giuliani.