Jan 22, 2010

Liberal Air America’s hot air turns to dead air

Air America radio goes belly up. The liberal political radio network ceased airing new programs Thursday afternoon and said it will soon file to be liquidated under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Air America Radio, a radio network that was launched in 2004 as a liberal alternative to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators, on Thursday shut down abruptly due to financial woes.

The network once boasted hosts such as Al Franken and Rachel Maddow, but struggled from the outset, including multiple management shake-ups, a bankruptcy in 2006 and sale for $4.25 million the following year.

Liberal political radio just doesn’t sell well.

Conservative radio programs are making Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others rich. Liberal radio programs by contrast just can’t get enough audience to support advertisers.

Now that Air America has gone bust, about the only place left for liberal talk-show hosts is National Public Radio. NPR is largely funded by tax dollars or they would have gone bust long ago.