Sep 14, 2010

Big John to host ice skating in the sky

The John Hancock Center, known as "Big John" by the locals, is a dark, obelisk-like tower stitched up on all four sides with iconic x-bracing.

The Hancock Center is a multifunction building. Besides offices, shops and restaurant there are 48 floors of condominiums.

The 700 condominiums are located at the top of the tower. Some of them are so high that the inhabitants sometimes have to call the doorkeeper to ask what the weather's like down on the ground, as the condos are sometimes above the clouds.

The lower portion of Big John is shown above, More photos of can be found at the second link below.

At the first link below is the announcement of an ice rink on the 94th floor observatory deck early next year.

That's more than 1,000 feet in the air, making it the world's highest ice skating rink.

The 1,000 square foot rink will take 8-12 hours to install and will be made of synthetic ice. It will be open from January through March of next year.

The 94th floor ice skating rink story is here. More about "Big John" here.