Sep 15, 2010

Harry Reid arrives at clean energy summit - in fleet of giant SUVs

The National Clean Energy Summit was held September 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Summit, coordinated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the leftist advocacy group Center for American Progress, featured surprise appearances by SUVs, environmental protesters, praise for hydropower, and a dreary, steady rain as speaker after speaker sang the praises of solar power.

The irony was as thick as the moisture in the air as they preached to the choir about solar power in the dessert during a steady rain.

The article at the link below reports that approximately 50 environmental activists gathered in protest wearing t-shirts and carrying posters castigating coal and praising solar power. It's just that somebody forgot to tell the protesters that the Summit speakers actually agreed with them.

Somebody also forgot to tell Mother Nature not to send a steady, gloomy rain to interrupt a solar power cheerleading session in the Mojave Desert.

Reid and a few aides rode in a caravan of gas-guzzling SUVs. Even the 100 yards from Summit headquarter in the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Thomas & Mack Center to the site of a protest and then back the same 100 yards. Had to fog the air with the SUV caravan.

Speaker after speaker – including T. Boone Pickens, Center for American Progress CEO John Podesta, and Pacific Gas & Electric CEO Peter Darbee – spoke in broad terms and meaningless platitudes about the promise of renewable power.

Nobody presented economic cost comparisons, nobody mentioned the billions of taxpayer dollars already being handed over to the renewable power industry every year, and nobody pointed out that T. Boone Pickens, PG&E, and the Center for American Progress all are in bed with the renewable power industry and have glaring conflicts of interest regarding renewable power issues.