Sep 14, 2010

20-state ObamaCare lawsuit likely to go to trial

From a report at the link below:

A federal judge says he likely will let go to trial portions of a lawsuit by Florida and 19 other states challenging the president's health care overhaul as unconstitutional.

But U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson said at a Tuesday hearing in Pensacola that he expects to dismiss other parts.

The states and the administration disagree over sections of the law that will require people to have health insurance or face tax penalties. They also disagree over whether states should pay additional Medicaid costs not covered by the federal government.

Facing tax penalties and even fines for not having health care insurance is probably causing the most concern. The average American can understand penalties and fines.

The worst of ObamaCare won't be known by most Americans until 2012 or later.

Link to the 20-state lawsuit here.