Aug 18, 2010

Mystery horse-boy on Google Street View

Google Street View has a fleet of GPS- and camera-equipped cars (pictured at right) that have captured a lot of oddities including what appeared to be a dead girl as reported in the second link below.

This is apparently the first horse boy picked up by Google Street View cameras.

Horse boy was made popular by a BBC news story at the first link below. It appears to be a man in a purple shirt, black pants and a brown horse-head mask, standing on a street corner in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Why are we even spending time on this non-story about a prank designed to generate publicity. We must be bored with nothing better to do. Otherwise why would we post two large photos of the prank?

We can only hope third-rate pranks, designed to be picked up on Google Street View cameras, don't migrate to this country.

Link here and here.