Aug 18, 2010

A Boxer rebellion in California this Novemer?

A report at the link below is titled, "Obama, Boxer, and the California Awakening." It reminds us that when most people think of California they think of beautiful beaches, Disneyland, San Francisco and Hollywood.

Yet the huge land mass between San Francisco and Hollywood – that region known as the San Joaquin Valley – comprises one of the world’s most fertile, and most productive agricultural regions.

And the residents of this agricultural region believe that Barack Obama and his policies have hurt them pretty badly.

If you were to travel north or south through this region, on either “Interstate 5” or state route “99,” you’d see the influence of bad politics in Washington , and expressions of outrage that Central Californians feel towards their federal government.

This region with its fertile soil would be a desert without adequate irrigation – and this is where Washington has damaged Central California.

Much of the water that would normally be available to these California farmers has been denied them, because of actions taken by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In issuing what is known as a “biological opinion,” this government agency utilized the power of the Endangered Species Act to shut-off water supplies to farmers in order to help save the delta smelt (pictured above), a small fish that the bureaucrats believe is endangered because of too much water in rivers and streams.

This reminds us of the snail darter, a tiny fish smaller than your pinkie finger, that delayed the construction of the Tellico Dam on the Little Tennessee River in the early 1970's.

The delta smelt is California's snail darter. Like the snail darter, the delta smelt is also no bigger than your pinkie finger.

Just as they did in Tennessee in the 1970's, environmentalists are now crippling the productivity of the San Joaquin Valley to save a tiny fish.

Protecting the delta smelt at the expense of California farmers may cause Barbara Boxer to lose her seat in the U.S. Senate in November.