Aug 18, 2010

Al Gore back in news - not improper conduct this time

This may be the first time in two or three months that the former Vice President has been in the news when it wasn't on the front page of a magazine like the National Enquirer or DMZ in a story of improper conduct by another masseuse.

Gore (pictured)wants massive protests against Congress for inaction on climate change.

He cites an Australian wire service report that “tens of thousands of protesters … have taken to the streets across Australia to urge the major political parties to take action on climate change.”

What Gore really wants is for congress to pass cap and trade, which will be a national jobs killing energy tax on individuals and small business.

Big corporations will not pay the carbon tax. They will pass off their carbon tax costs on consumers just like they pass off their corporate income taxes now.

Until cap and trade is in full force, Gore can't get rich in the carbon trading market.

The story of Gore asking for major protests is here. More on cap and trade (carbon trading) here.