Mar 14, 2010

Katie Spotz is youngest to row solo across Atlantic

After more than two months at sea, 22-year-old Katie Spotz became the youngest person to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

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She rowed her 19-foot boat named Liv on a 2,817 mile solo journey from Dakar, Senegal, on Africa’s west coast, to Guyana on the northeast coast of South America.

The journey began on January 3 and ended March 13.

She rowed to raise money and awareness for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, a nonprofit whose goal is to bring clean drinking water to the estimated 1 billion people worldwide who lack it.

Spotz rowed for as many as 10 hours a day with breaks for naps, navigation and boat maintenance. At night, she would drift aboard the specially designed ocean row boat, which had equipment including solar panels for power, a satellite phone and a laptop computer.

"I would cook three dehydrated meals a day on a little stove," she said as she devoured a melon at the dock in Georgetown. "At night I would update my Facebook and e-mails. There is not much else to do on a row boat."