Mar 14, 2010

Cops tow funeral van with corpse inside

A terrified funeral director battled to get his body back after NYPD towed his funeral van with a corpse inside.

Instead of a road to eternal peace, a body left inside a funeral home minivan wound up in the city tow pound.

The unscheduled stop came after a police tow truck hooked the illegally parked vehicle outside Redden’s Funeral Home on W. 14th St.

The dearly departed was soon heading for a lot off the West Side Highway, with the truck driver handling the last rights – and a few lefts – on the ride through Chelsea.

Funeral director Paul DeNigris said he nearly died after walking outside the business Monday afternoon to find his client no longer resting in peace.

DeNigris had parked his silver 2002 Dodge in a “No Parking Anytime” zone outside the funeral home. The body, in a white cardboard box, was headed for Newark Airport and a flight to Miami for cremation.

The funeral director said he stepped inside to pick up some paperwork, took a phone call, and returned to find … nothing.

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