Mar 14, 2010

GOP to use amendments as a tactic

A report at the link below says Democrat leaders say they can't risk passing any amendments to the healthcare bill, even if they agree with them. If they were to pass, it would require more time and possibly more votes to marry the Senate legislation with what passed in the House.

However, that’s just what Republicans plan to do. They are crafting hundreds of amendments in hopes of tripping up the health care overhaul if Democrats scrape up the votes needed to resuscitate the long-stalled measure by week's end.

Even though Democrat leaders on Sunday conceded they didn't yet have the votes to pass President Obama's overhaul out of the House, Senate Republicans are threatening to put up hundreds of amendments - one of the few weapons in their limited arsenal - to force Democrats to take difficult votes on politically sensitive subjects.

With Democrats bribing votes in order to pass a bill that most Americans don’t want, adding amendments may be the only way for Republicans to block the massive ObamaCare bill.

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