Jan 13, 2011

Polar bears remain off endangered list angering enviro activists

Environmental activists used the polar bear as a campaign symbol in 2008 during their attacks on the Bush administration’s decision to not place polar bears on the endangered species list.

Now the enviros are angry again. This time at the Obama administration. The Department of Fish & Wildlife declined, yet again, to move polar bears from the “threatened” list onto the endangered list.

The photo is one often presented by envois to "prove" the shrinking the polar bear habitat is shrinking. Only problem is the photo was taken near the southwest part of Hudson Bay -- in July.

Left-wing politicians were angry when Obama kept the Bush tax cuts. Now it's the environmental activists turn to be angry at Obama for keeping the Bush polar bear decision.

The science behind this must be pretty clear or Obama would just cram this through like ObamaCare or the GM takeover.

Even NASA is now predicting a possible cool decade or two which is cooling (pun intended) the threat to the polar bears.

Enviros can always go back to saving whales. Animal Planet even has a TV series to keep their excitement at a high level.

Animal Planet may never do a TV series on saving polar bears. Blood - human blood especially - in the snow is not a pretty sight.