Jan 13, 2011

Just where was Mayor Bloomberg during that last storm?

From a sidebar in the London Daily Mail:

He came under fierce criticism for the city's shambolic response to the Christmas blizzard.

And just where Mayor Bloomberg was during the crisis has remained a mystery until now.

Today it emerged that the politician's private plane had been in Bermuda for the crucial period between December 25 and 26.

Officials at the island's airport described how they received a request for Mayor
Bloomberg's plane to be readied for takeoff the day after Christmas.

The aircraft had arrived in the early hours of December 25 and it is believed he spent the day at his waterfront holiday home.

Leave it to the Brits to sniff out the secrets of politicians and celebrities on this of the pond.

Hmm…wonder if he was attending a global warming celebration of some kind?

It's too bad the London Daily Mail doesn't have a New York edition so residents can learn what's going on in their own city.