Mar 11, 2010

Wife of Congressman gets 3 years in prison

Monica Conyers (upper photo), wife of Congressman John Conyers (lower photo) has been given a prison sentence for fraud as a Detroit councilwoman.

A federal judge has denied former Detroit councilwoman Monica Conyers' request to withdraw her guilty plea in a corruption case and sentenced her to three years and one month in prison.

She pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy for accepting a bribe of at least $6,000 in exchange for her support of a $1.2 billion waste disposal contract for Synagro Technologies.

The ex-council member tried to withdraw her plea saying she was “badgered” into making the deal but U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn said her plea was made voluntarily.

Her husband, Democrat Congressman John Conyers, oversees the Justice Department in his role as Judiciary chairman. This irony will not escape critics who may wonder if Rep. Conyers will be his wife’s jailer.

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