Sep 4, 2009

Critic gave MoveOn the finger - didn’t get it back

Maybe the slogan, “Yes we Can” should be changed to “Yes we Cannibal.”

An American Standard article reports:

William Rice didn't actually give MoveOn the finger -- his pinky was forcibly removed by an ObamaCare supporter's teeth.

Rice, a 65-year-old real-estate appraiser from Newbury Park, California, expected some heated arguments when he went to a health care protest in Thousand Oaks. He did not expect to leave without his finger.

Rice was part of a small group of counter-protesters who showed up to a MoveOn-sponsored "We Can't Afford to Wait" vigil.

Mr. Rice drove himself to a hospital in nearby Los Robles for treatment.

The finger could not be reattached because a human bite has too much bacteria.

Mr. Rice said the MoveOne group, “had a Code Pink element that I’d never seen before and it had a MoveOn element I'd never seen before."

He said some of the MoveOn ObamaCare supporters were, "borderline emotionally out of control."

A Ventura County Sheriff's Department said. “It's considered a mayhem which is the removal of an appendage from a human. The crime is punishable by imprisonment for 2, 4, or 8 years.”

Scott Bush, an Obama critic who was standing next to Rice when the incident happened, said critics and supporters of Obama had had face-to-face, calm debates throughout the night without incident until the suspect in the biting crossed the street to confront critics.

Of Rice's behavior, he said: "He didn't even have a sign. He was just there to be a part of things. He's a nice man."

The Los Angeles Times rushed the story to print incorrectly saying it was an anti ObamaCare protestor who did the finger biting.

More of the story here.