Aug 25, 2009

The real reason Americans are angry

The New York Post nails it - the real reason Americans are angry:

It's been a hilarious August, watching media supporters of President Obama's health care package puzzle over the obscure motivations of the noncompliant Americans rallying against it.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said it was "Racial anxiety."

Joe Klein from Time said theorized it was "nihilism."

While the commentariat's condescension is almost comical, the whole evil-or-stupid explanation misses the elephant in Obama's room: Americans of all stripes, it turns out, aren't very keen about the government barging into their lives.

After 11 months of federal bailouts and freakouts, Americans have become bone tired of panicky power grabs from Washington. It's the big government, stupid.

FreedomWorks put the subject in a nutshell: "Stop spending so much money, stop borrowing so much money, and stop bailing out people who were irresponsible."

Bailouts of failed institutions, from AIG to American Axle, have been enormously unpopular.

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