Aug 25, 2009

Paddling a kayak around the British coast

Eric Innes, a 47-year-old retired military serviceman is paddling his way around the coast of Britain to raise money for Help For Heroes, a worthy organization that helps provide better facilities for wounded British servicemen and women.

Mr. Innes may be eccentric but he is also determined as he averages around 20 miles a day in his kayak.

From the Daily Mail online:

There are only three vessels out here in the open sea right now. One is an oil tanker. One is the Rosslare ferry. And the other is a small kayak containing a middle-aged Yorkshireman who has almost completed a 1,700-mile, solo circumnavigation of Britain fuelled by sausage sandwiches, the occasional Guinness and an unshakeable sense of obligation towards our injured servicemen and women.

Every morning, this former soldier wakes up beneath an umbrella, drags his 17ft kayak into the water and then paddles until dusk, when he pulls the boat out of the water again and lies down under his umbrella somewhere else.

The Daily Mail further reports that Mr. Innes has no support boat and no welcoming committee in every port.

His chief navigation aids are a soggy road atlas and tips from passing skippers.

His method of navigation is simple: keep the coast of Britain on the right and the horizon on the left.