Aug 21, 2009

Letterman reruns top new Conan shows

Conan is shown with Jay Leno in photo above.

From a report at the link below:

NBC’s troubles in assembling a big audience for “The Tonight Show” were underscored again last week when David Letterman on CBS -- even in repeats -- scored an easy win over first-run shows with Conan O’Brien on NBC among total viewers.

It was a bigger win than the week before when Mr. Letterman’s repeats nosed out Mr. O’Brien by just 7,000 viewers. Last week he beat him by 280,000, with 2.95 million viewers to 2.67 million for Mr. O’Brien.

The Tonight Show was good with Jack Paar, best during Johnny Carson’s long run and back to good with Jay Leno. As for Conan, the tanking ratings tell that story.