Mar 10, 2009

Three liberal journalists with buyers remorse

How Buckley, Gergen and Brooks finally realized Barack Obama's left leanings.

Christopher Buckley and David Brooks (upper photo) have been hard-core political left wingers for a long time.

David Gergen (lower photo) was an advisor to Nixon, Ford and Reagan and later was a George H.W. Bush campaign staff member in 1980.

Gergen, the opportunist, saw a greener pasture on the Democrat side of the fence and served as advisor and aide to Bill Clinton and Warren Christopher, Clinton’s first Secretary of State.

David Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times and an outspoken leftt-wing liberal.

Christopher Buckley, son of conservative William F. Buckley, has also been an outspoken liberal.

Buckley, Brooks and Gergen are having second thoughts about Barack Hussein Obama as reported in the article at the link below.

All three used to insist that Obama was some species of centrist or moderate.

Now that Obama has proposed the most massive expansion of government in the history of the republic, each has recognized that just conceivably he might have been mistaken.

After listening to Obama address Congress, Buckley wrote last week: One thing is certain: government is getting bigger and will stay bigger. Just remember ... that a government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take it all away.

How long before other liberals will express buyers remorse after actively cheerleading the campaign of Barack Obama just a couple of short months ago?