Feb 7, 2011

Obama advisor thought 4-star general was a waiter

At the link below CNN reports that the controversial Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett mistook four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli -- the No. 2 general in the U.S. Army -- for a waiter and asked him for a glass of wine.

The charitable general excused her stupidity by saying "it could happen to anyone."

But doesn't this point out the incompetence of some of the people advising the president? A waiter wears four stars on each shoulder and a coat full of medals? C'mon, give me a break.

Wouldn't it have been rich if he had replied, "Ma'am, aren't you the lady on the syrup bottle? I'm sorry, I hardly recognized you," but of course he wouldn't have: he is an officer and a gentleman.

CNN's whitewashing of the incident is here.