Feb 6, 2011

Global warming has become global weirding

From a report in the Boston Herald:

Meet the global weirdos. They’re the ones telling you that all the snow outside is proof that it’s getting warmer. Only, they don’t call it “warming” anymore.

No, that was back in the “Earth has a fever” days. Back when Al Gore was predicting that the ice caps were melting, the polar bears were drowning and Manhattan would sink beneath 20 feet of water “in the near future.”

Is the "near future" past? Has Manhattan sunk beneath 20 feet of water? Boy, these guys really are weird.

The report goes on:

But then something happened. Since 1998, temperatures have been relatively flat.

We’ve got more polar bears than ever, and Manhattan is buried under snow.

For a planet-roasting crisis that threatened the human race with extinction, there doesn’t seem to be much actual warming.

That's when the chant became “climate change.” The liberals formerly known as “warmists” began predicting that we would experience fundamental changes in our weather.

Scientists at the University of East Anglia — the Harvard of climate change — said snow would be “a very rare and exciting event.” Children wouldn’t know what it was.

We all know how that turned out. Europe has had three winters in a row of snow and cold temperatures.

If the cold and snow in winter prove global warming why doesn't the heat in summer prove global cooling? These people will never admit they are wrong. They are accustomed to saying anything they want knowing 80% of the media will either quote their reports as factual or ignore their reports - as the American media did when they said children in the UK would grow up never seeing snow.


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