Jan 25, 2011

Vehicle said to be JFK Ambulance sold by Barrett-Jackson

The 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance said to have carried President John F. Kennedy’s body after his assassination sold at the Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, for $120,000 plus buyers commission for a total of $132,000.

One source claims the JFK Ambulance sold by Barrett-Jackson is a "near perfect fake" and that the real JFK ambulance was crushed in 1986. But why would anyone destroy a bona fide JFK artifact?

The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company described the ambulance as having met Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base and taken JFK’s casket to Bethesda Naval Hospital for autopsy and later to the Capitol, some experts said the actual ambulance that carried Kennedy was destroyed in the mid-1980s.

A Barrett-Jackson attorney told The Associated Press Friday that the auction company can't say for sure if the ambulance actually carried Kennedy's coffin.

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