Jan 16, 2011

Time Magazine: defending the indefensible

Time Magazine has a report at the link below in their Swampland blog titled In Defense Of The Mainstream Media.

This is not an easy task for anyone -- especially for Time Magazine. Time is not as left leaning as Newsweek but that's not saying much when you consider that Newsweek is a little to the left of Attila the Hun.

How can a left leaning news source defend a media made up of mostly left leaning news sources? It can't.

For most columnists of the New York Times and other decidedly leftist newspapers there is no mystery about their political agendas.

On the network evening news programs it becomes a little blurry. For instance when Tom Borkaw was reading the news on NBC Nightly News he kept his liberalism mostly in check.

It came out in dramatic fashion on election night 2000 when the Florida results were in flux. When the lead in Florida appeared to go from Gore to Bush, Tom Brokaw (above left) told Tim Russert (above right), of Meet the Press who was with him in the booth that night, "I thought we had won Florida."

It was the personal pronoun we that first gave away his liberalism that he had tried hard to keep in the closet.

Now that Brokaw, the "news reader" from my home state of South Dakota, has retired he makes no pretense about his political preferences.

Other television "news readers" such as Brian Williams don't try to hide their political leanings.

Now that "news readers" on the evening news television programs are no longer hiding their liberalism, it makes Time Magazines attempt to defend the indefensible even more difficult.

The Time report is here.