Jan 24, 2011

Shuffling deck chairs on the MSNBC Titanic

Say what you will about Keith Olbermann - he never feigned fairness or balance like so many other leftist cable news program hosts do.

He was always up front about his political leanings. He never tried to hide his loathing of conservatives.

Maybe it was his honesty that got him the highest ratings of any cable news show on either MSNMC or CNN. At the second link below there is a listing of the cable news shows by number of viewers. Olbermann is the next one after all of the Fox News shows.

MSNBC is going to have another angry leftist, Lawrence O'Donnell, take over Olbermann's 8:00 time slot. Ed Schultz will be moved to juggle the time slots.

So not much has changed really - just a shuffling of the chairs on the decks of the MSNBC Titanic, which gets beaten consistently and badly in the ratings wars by its arch-rival, Fox News.

Link here and here.