Jan 20, 2011

Report: Save the planet: eat bugs

Dutch scientist Arnold van Huis says mealworm quiche, grasshopper springrolls and cuisine made from other creepy crawlies is the answer to the global food crisis.

Mealworm quiche? Really? Does it taste like chicken?

Judging by the reaction in the photo, eating bugs may not be an easy sell.

The professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands said insects have more protein than cattle per bite, cost less to raise, consume less water and don't have much of a carbon footprint.

He even has plans for a cookbook to make bug food a more appetising prospect for mature palates.

Van Huis has organized lectures, food tastings, and cookery classes with a master chef who demonstrates how to prepare a range of recipes using bugs, worms and grasshoppers, all bred - or raised - at a Dutch insect farm for consumption.