Jan 28, 2011

Piano on Florida sandbar mystery solved

The mystery surrounding the appearance of a grand piano on a sandbar in the middle of Miami's Biscayne Bay has been solved.

The Miami Herald reported that 16-year-old Nicholas Harrington - son of 'Burn Notice' production designer J. Mark Harrington - had planned to make a promotional video using the piano.

The plan went awry on New Year's Eve when party-goers lowered it into a canal and set it on fire. The next day, the family placed it on a 6.71m fishing boat and dumped it on the sandbar.

The grand piano was said to be a 'movie prop' piano rather than a serious musical instrument.

The teen said he is super happy about the attention the piano has received in recent days


= = = = = U P D A T E = = = = =

The piano is now gone after authorities ordered it removed from the sandbar.