Jan 16, 2011

Palm Springs police chief caught in sex sting

From a Los Angeles Times report at the link below:

The June 2009 gay sex sting netted 19 public indecent exposure arrests, and disbelief and outrage have festered in this desert haven ever since.

Palm Springs, California has been known as a sanctuary for gay men and lesbian women so why was there a sting in Palm Springs anyway?

This is Palm Springs, "the gayest city in America," a gay tourist destination governed by an openly gay mayor and home to the sexually charged White Party, a dance and music festival that attracts tens of thousands of gay men every year.

Robert Stone, co-founder of the Warm Sands neighborhood association called the sting "an egregious case of entrapment, a technique that has been used by law enforcement against gay people for decades."

"Gays move to Palm Springs to get away from that."

Gay men and lesbians, by some estimates, account for nearly half of the 47,000 residents.

That strength allows them to enjoy the benefits of mainstream power and prominence while leaving them free to cherish the city's playful and at times uninhibited social scene.

The gay community is credited for rescuing the desert town, which was slowly wasting away as it clung to its past heyday as Hollywood's playground.

They restored luster to aging homes and neighborhoods and replaced shuttered storefronts with scores of new businesses.

A local gay magazine ranks the resorts, most of which are well-kept inns, by "sexual temperature."

With one half of the population gay, why fight it? If you don't like it move out.