Jan 27, 2011

Liberals lament the Obama move to center

A report at the link below says Barack Obama plans to play up a bright future with congressional Republicans by channeling his 2008 campaign message of post-partisanship in his State of the Union but the liberal wing of his party isn’t quite seeing the light.

They don't like the centrist talk from Barack Obama which started right after the drubbing taken by Congressional Democrats on November 2.

(From left above) Anthony Weiner, Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich hope the president won't pivot too far.

Obama only has two choices.

He can stay as he has always been - a traditional tax-and-spend liberal and be a one-term President.

Or he can move to the center just enough to convince enough Republicans and Independents that he deserves there votes in 1012.

Obama really has no other options.