Jan 4, 2011

Issa will be a target as he targets 'broken bureaucracy'

A report in USAToday warns:

The Obama administration can expect congressional hearings this year on WikiLeaks, foreclosures, corruption in Afghanistan and food safety as Republicans take over the House oversight committee.

That's the agenda that Rep. Darrell Issa (pictured), the incoming chairman of the committee, laid out Monday.

One thing is for sure - the Obama administration will be bristling and investigators will be on their way at this very moment to sift through Issa's trash cans in hopes of finding dirt on him - anything. Did he leave Kent State with an unpaid parking ticket? Does he have overdue books from the Vista library? etc., etc.

Discrediting Congressman Issa will be a top priority for the Obama administration because they will be expecting subpoenas from Issa's committee starting February if not sooner.

From one commenter:

You go Issa! I love the smell of corruption investigations in the morning! Even better 'n sizzlin' bacon 'n coffee! Bring it on!

Link to the USAToday report here.